yet another wardrobe refashion

I have quite a stash of used clothes, specially the husband’s office shirt. Last Sunday morning, while waiting the two to wake up, I took my own sweet time refashion his old shirt into mia’s sleepwear pants.

can you tell its from a shirt? basically i cut out both side of the (long) sleeves, did some adjustment then sew it up. so happen i have few red ribbons, decided i shall make a drawstring pants for her instead of the usuals waistbands. now if you look closely, notice the butang part, that is coming from the sleeve’s buttons. didn’t expect to turns out quite nice hor? 🙂

On the other hand, my girl decided to give a “test-run” with the pants, by streching out bley? macam-macam!

Here’s one of the many great links I found on refashioning men’s shirt from one clevergirl.


17 thoughts on “yet another wardrobe refashion

  1. Woman! I’m so jealous u’r so talented I rasa macam nak resign and go learn sewing with you. Apa kata u start selling them? Tapi janganla the ones dari ex-baju Ted. Ehehe. I wud be one of ur frequent buyers. 😀

  2. snazzynsuch:that is awesome! ada karang friday lunch we’ll go craft hunting heh.

    afti:i doubt it you’ll resign. you LOVE your job!!admit it hehe ..aww you’ll buy my stuff? tgk la mcm mana k. my confident level is not ‘there’ yet. btw tq. 🙂

    hetz: gee thx babe! seriously i didnt know the red combo and the stripey pants would turns out great too.

  3. Aliaa: believe me, he was the ONE who gave up the shirt! LOL. btw, how your “baby projects?”

    anne: haha mia was being her funny self. alamak anne! i’ve just remembered i havent post your package! forgive me!

  4. i agree, this is soo beyond creative.. nice one.. to sew is one thing, to be creative and have good imagination is another. cool lah mummy mia ni. 🙂 best mia bole jadi model mummy dia..

  5. very good mommy save money heheh… BTW, for me weekend morning is the best time to spent with my machine… yep last saturday.. i just half done with shirred top for my lil gal…belum siap..cos 2 lil ones dah bangun… sambung this weekend … once done I’ll put in my showcase ahahaha… but now I giler sew for barbie clothes…

  6. its addictive tau, nanti your hubby complain takde i love her tshirt too!!! oh ira, leh let me know if you can get more of that brown fabric you got me??? addicted ler, its so pwetty!!

  7. you’re right aida about being addictive refashioning clothes.heh,nanti i show what i did with the rest of that shirt. 🙂 you want MOREEEE????? hahaha ok2,i try to cari for u!

    and dear,pls! u hv plenty hokay!

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