Weeping for Gaza (taken from rocky's bru blog)

Since the breaking news of the Gaza’s war, I’ve had a very hard time reading the news, what more watching it on the tele without shedding tears. Too many times, how i wish and prayed this is just a terrible nightmare and it will end soon. One does not need to be a mother, or to have your own kids, to feel sadden with the distress images of lifeless innocent children being bombarded in this war. How could someone be so heartless? How? I truly do not understand.

Let us all pray hard, this war crime will come to an end! And like the rest of the supporter of anti-zionist, i’m with you, boycotting the US/Israelis’s product as much as I could afford it, we definately have to look out for other alternatives.

Here is a good read on What You Don’t Know About Gaza via Anak si Hamid’s Cikgu’s Note blog.

I’m having a hard time sleeping after reading one news after another. 😦


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