Chatuchak Weekend Market

Also better known locally as JJ Market . As the name goes, it only opens on Saturday and Sunday. This is a shopping heaven! We purposely book our flights before weekends ended, so that we could catch the market. It’s a must go for every tourist and hardcore shopaholic!

We got there on Sunday morning and you’ve guess it, we end up with a handfuls of stuffs.

Since we’ve been to this place before, we kinda know what to expect. It’s hot, it’s sweaty, it’s stuffy but  this is where you get the great and unique stuff. And not to forget, this is where you put your bargaining skills to test.It’s a bonus to know basic thai. Dad  too can communicate a lil’ thai, although most times am worried his pronouncation can mislead.

Anyhow, everything and anything you could think off can be find here. From households, clothings, shoes, bags and even pets! You name it, it’s all here. Kalah any department mall. One, two hours  are too little time, you’ll probably need a whole day there!am not kidding, seriously. Then again, you’ll need a whole lot of energy to do alot of walking, bargaining and looking up and down.

busy picking out the best postcards.

Mia was ‘kind’ enough to allow her mommy and daddy to indulge with the crazy shopping. Tho’ most times, she refuse to walk (can’t blame her, the place was crowded with people) and would ask to be carried.

recharge ourself by drinking cooling coconuts.

So, our damages was a chopping board ( a solid wood!and its dirt cheap!), clothes for me,clothes for Mia, postcards, painting, socks, accessories and bags. And that was only  for a couple of hours, leave us the whole day, more damages will be done and legs dropping too! LOL.

We ended our day with an hour of foot massage. Bliss!

Tips: Get there in the morning, before the big crowd. Wear comfortable shoes/sandals and thin clothing (you’ll be sweating ALOT!). And since you’ll be sweating alot, you’ll need drinking water. No worries, there’ll be plenty around the areas. Lastly, bring lotsa CASH ( i doubt it they accept credits) 🙂 Tak rugi bawak lebih.hehe


10 thoughts on “Chatuchak Weekend Market

  1. i love the market gak and i think they take credit but ye lah tempat cam tu, baik guna cash. you know the market ade macam buggy train yg kat singapore zoo? 2 hours tak cukup lah beb, i was there for 4 hours and only cover half of next time pegi, kene tinggal the budak2 with my mother..haha

  2. aida: babe,i was there for 4 hours, still tak puas how? the two hrs was just expression heh. it feels as if time flies fast while we’re havin!LOL

    KNizam:oh u does not need to be a shopaholic to like the place. go check out the next time u’re in bkk alright. 🙂

  3. eeeeeeee….jelesnya!!! serious!!! my 2008 resolution supposed to be planning a trip to chatuchak (last time went there in 2005) , tapi ntah mcm mana lembab sgt planning last2 tak pergi pon! hmph. i would definitely vote chatuchak as my #1 shopping haven! (lots of crafts stuff & home accessories so cheap that bila tgk kat homelife/living quarters mcm tension je tgk diorang mark up harga giler2!).. auww..bestnya chatuchak!

  4. Yatie: disneyland more of for the kids? or you? hehe

    mama shmontel:esok masih ada..bangkok is just two hours away via air 🙂 you’re right, their home deco and furniture is to die for!(ntah2 apartmentherapy pun tiru situ dak?).

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