Jan 3rd.

Hello 2009!

Another year has passed, but boy am still in the holiday mood. 🙂 Will be back to work this 5th, after almost a week+ on leaves and I badly need something to look fwd to …say a brand new desk calendar! which I still have none. Now, is there anyone generous enough to donate me one? Preferable with a space of blank boxes with dates?

The Year End Holidays

We’ve been away this couple of days with my family to Bangkok, Thailand  (hence the blog hiatus). We love celebrating NY in BKK, and its for the third time. Furthermore, we have our Siamese relatives there, so that pretty much makes our trip so much more exciting! Everyday is a full day for us, from morning til late nights. Unbelievable!

The trip was more of for my shopping splurge and a break for everyone. Although we did squeeze in a day to do touristy thingy for Mia and SIL who have not experience the Thai’s land.

I shall update more of this trip with pictures and if i’m not too lazy, with elaborate stories here and there.


Of late Bangkok have been making headlines news everywhere, and one of them is the shocking news of  Suvarnabhumi airport closed down due to their political conflicts, the riots and the tsunami years back . And just that, on Thursday morning of our last day in BKK, we were shocked over the nightclub fire tragedy . How sad!

Bangkok may not be everyone’s favourite choice due to those reasons, but for me, Thailand is the country that will have a special place in my heart. Although language is a barrier, but their people are full of respects and never fails to bring out a smile. What more, its their food that I’ve fallen in love with the most! Thai’s food never taste the same here! well, at least for me. Bangkok is a city either you love it, or you hate it. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Jan 3rd.

  1. We love Thailand too! no matter what others said about it, there’s something special about their people kan.. Happy new year..we’ll meet on the 5th @ level 36..hehehe

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