Sing with me

one of her blurry picture i took via my phone.

of late we’ve been teaching her this ‘burung kakak tua‘ song. in her full ‘pelat-ness’, instead of tua, she said dua. LOL. instead of ‘gigi nya tinggal dua’, she shows four fingers. the part she loves most is the ‘lechum-lechum-lechum oh lalaaaa’ with full action ( touching her face over and over again). too cute!

we bought this young lady another new dvd unintentionally. and eversince then, she hasn’t watch barney  for quite awhile now (thank goodness!) . seems like she has found a new love with this ‘the wheels on the bus’ dvd. like any other obsession, she’ll watch it almost everyday and night. end up ,we both got hook up with it. i must admit, the tune are damn catchy! read the reviews. all i can say, i couldn’t AGREE more!


i love love december. not only we’ll be having an extra long holiday come this christmas, but also it is  the year end. time to reflect how eventful we’ve spend this one whole year. now, how would i remember my 2008?

well, this is the year i remembered travelling the most!and having a great time with my  family & friends(lookin fwd to more guys!), the year which i endure the most challenging project ever!staying back after office hours, working on weekends and late nights (gosh never again!) but ive learned + gained so much too frm this project, the year i’ve make new friends and grow to love, the year i appreciate more and if not feels ultimately grateful with everythings God bless me with a blissfull marriage, a lovely daughter and a place call home. the year that i got so inspired with the crafty world, and taken the plunge with a new a hobby i grew to love ( and addicted too) .

as im going through my past entries and pictures, i couldn’t help feeling how grown up my girl is!  from  not knowing how to call me up, and now happily screaming “mummy!mummy!”. secretly i feels  i am so much wiser in some ways.heh. oh well, thank you 2008! you’ve been treating me relatively OK. but i so can’t wait whats 2009 install for me! Here’s to another year for us all to look forward too 🙂 And its that time of the year, i shall hunt my obsession with a desk calendar.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and a Happy Holidays!


6 thoughts on “Sing with me

  1. happy holidays and happy new year to u and your family! and yes, mia’s grown so much hasn’t she?? that time when i met her, she was so little still. sigh. for me 2008 was not so good! glad to hear u had a great year though 😉 have a good one!

  2. oh yeah,last time we met was early of the year kan.
    back then with three mommies and 3 babies in tow! LOL.(hint:hetz & kiddo’s mom)
    we must must make time to see u and gibby again lah.
    my this time round with the 3 toddlers!yikes!

    and happy new year to u too!

  3. Irfan’s into burung kakak tua too right now. And yeah, ‘lechum-lechum-lechum oh lalaaaa’ is his fave too! Haha. Why do they like that bit, huh?

    As for the wheels on the bus tu, we’ve had that song playing for him since he was less than 1 and before he knew/heard Apologize or Smells Like Teen Spirit or Black, he’d ask for that song. Now, it’s head banging songs he ask for. Tsk! Blame the parents.. hahahaha!

    Btw, Mia looks so stylo (like the mommy). 🙂 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you guys!

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