Always be My baby

dania,mia and marisa ( 7 mth old mia with my neigbour’s kids)

Everyday I kept telling her, “Mia, mommy love you so much! and can u NOT ever grow up?” while  i hugged her oh SO tight and smooch her cheek, while she whines and push me away, quickly ran off continue playing with her tea set. “hey, u better not be ashamed to kiss and hug me even when your 21 young lady!” to which she practically ignore me of course.hah typical toddler!

I hardly update on her milestone, too many for me to even keep track. But  I’m ok  with it as we’ve taken her photos and vid almost on daily basis for our remembrance and for her childhood memory .Hopefully she’ll appreciate her daddy’s photos  artwork of her. Even mommy’s hdd  are  close to full with her photos. Time to get a new one perhaps.

Anyhow, she still talk ‘pelat’ to us and to others. there are times we don’t  quite understand what she’s  saying, until she had to scream bloody murder to one of us while pointing to something OR  worst scenario she’ll roll over the floor. haiyo, what a sight!

She’s very manja to both of us, and won’t let any kid hug us or even us hugging other kid. We LOVE to tease her by asking Q ” mia do u want adik? do u want a baby?”, and she quickly say “TANAK” . A very firm tanak ok! LOL. And we test her again w othr Q, in case she just bluntly say tanak to everything, like “mia nak milo?”, and immediately she SMILED and nod!! hahaahha…pandai!

She’s now able to eat and drink on her own without making much mess. And because of that, she won’t allow us to feed her, unless she want to, which is jarang sekali. One bad habit with her, she likes to eat and drink,eat and drink.To my distasteful, we have to restrain ourself from pouring water in front of her or while eating out, try not to order drinks first. Or else, this budak skit-skit “nak aiiirrr”.

Sometimes on weekends we bring her to the pool.  We can see how much she loves to be in the water. Here’s a funny story. The other day I bought her a bag which comes with a pink flowery shape spec. Daddy decided to bring her to the pool and Mia was so excited that she insisted to bring the new spec along and .. WORE it in the pool ! I’m clueless to how she could THINK wearing spec in the pool would look cool on her.  Nak bergaya sgt ke cik kak? LOL. Too bad I wasn’t around at that time (at work) or else I would def. snap a few shots!

That’s pretty much sum up my 27 month old girl. Have her own mind, needs and want. Here’s a picture of her 20 months later from the photo above. Loving her sisters to bits !


4 thoughts on “Always be My baby

  1. opinionated uh? ehmm i wonder ikut saper la tu? hehe..

    well truthfully, i didn’t plan to stop b/f mia, just that my rezeki for her wasn’t long.
    so basically, slowly my ‘source’ kinda decreased and mia kinda sense it, and she just refuse it

    but i think in your case, probably you could increase her formula (am assuming you’ve started given her already?), then frm there you slowly cut down the day feeding, pastu the night feeding (if still ada la).

    i hope it works for u. but hey,that’s a GREAT achievement dear!two bfeeding years journey. 🙂

  2. Thankx Ira. Will try to cut down. Formula tu dah start bagi but paling banyak dia akan minum pun 3oz je (in a day!). Sigh. Takpe takpe, there’s always McDonald’s!!! Ehehhe, im such a bad mother.

    BTW, I saw the 3 bags u jahit and I love the orange one!!! Can buat jadi bag telekung. I’m telling you, you should start selling them la. Jom bukak kedai! Ehehe.

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