why do you call a dressing table, a dressing table?

can you answer to that?

well that question came from marisa, my neighbor’s four year old daughter.her character is very much different from her elder sister. she’s very energetic, strong minded and smart too. anyhow, here’s how the conversation took place.

kid:why do u call a dressing table, a dressing table? i don’t see any dress on the table.
mother: because that is where u get dress up in front of the table that has mirror.
kid: then why don’t you call it a dressing mirror?
mother: well because besides the mirror, u also put your stuff like combs, makeups on the table and get dress up!
kid: but mommy, you put your stuff IN the drawer!
mother: (speechless) eh go play with your sister!
kid:THAT’s ok mommy.i UNDERSTAND. (smile)

LOL.cheeky or what?


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