On rainy days like this

Rain aren’t bad at all. Of course traffic in the city would be extra jam, clothes hanging won’t be dry(v disappointed),  but that’s ok. It makes our night time more cooling. Besides, it also brings out the good mood in me . the mood to sew that is (not house chores!heh).

Anyhow, on Friday i was thrill to found the perfect fab to turn into a skirt.  finally, something wearable for myself. i couldn’t wait for get home and get it done. all i could  think of  is the skirt. my skirt. my last hour at work,  i was busy taking mental notes of the online tutorial.

Upon reaching home, I got myself changed and went straight into  my sewing corner. i sew and sew  and sew, and here’s the end result.

it’s bright, it’s flowery and it makes me feel happy!

yeah the skirt looks a lil’ wrinkle there, errr couldn’t resist to take picture right away. but darn!! my pose looks akward doncha think?

anyways, yay me!


11 thoughts on “On rainy days like this

  1. You know wat, i need more pregnancy clothes. I’ve got some material with me, which i dont mind giving away for experiment. Up for the challenge? It’s plus size, and it’s pregnancy baju, just think of it like sewing up a tent! : )

  2. nikmummy:LOL! ok ok bring it on! ;P do u have anything in particular you want me to sew ke?
    well do mail me!

    tini: thank you! it couldn’t resist knowing it was only RM14/m and only needed less than 2mtr.

  3. dear, dresses for babies also i dun dare yet to sew.
    aiyaa,why the trouble to sew,just take one frm your e-store la.
    lotsa cantik2 stuff, tak sempat i nak sambar u dah letak SOLDOUT!hehe

    p/s:btw peeps her stuff is gorgeous!!

  4. babybooned: hahaha…well i guess, doing the things we love most, we tend to make time for it as well. my assumption same goes w everyone too. you’re great into baking babe, that’s really something ! 🙂

    mira:angle gbr je tu..heh but tq dear.

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