I know, Halloween is so Over. But as usual, this is yet another belated entry. The image above are our very own wall decal designed by my Ted. I find it very cute lookin owl.

Here’s another one, 3 chubby birdie. I have no idea why three, but probably resembles three peeps in the house? Daddy-Mommy and Mia.LOL

We still have few more wall decal which we havent stick it up yet, will do, whenever we feel like doing it that is.heh.Lazy bum us.

Next, my sewing entry. Now,this is kinda latest. I call this mia’s ‘modern kaftan’. Look how cheeky she looks here!

Here’s a better front view.

And lastly, my love of sewing makeup bag. takabis2 style ni je uh?


15 thoughts on “Boo!

  1. love both of your creations. imagine the creative streak running thru mia’s blood. and if you start selling those pwetty dresses, i’m gonna be ur first customer! nadia & hetz, your sons kenot wear caftans ah!

  2. babybooned: OMG seriously ah a guy ? wearing kaftan? LOL !! he must be feelin so ‘berangin’ la tuh.but most important..who’s kaftan dia pakai tuh? hahahaha. btw tq 🙂

    anne: ya lets hope there’s some creative gens in her. nunu nak? mak nunu? hehe

    hetz: no problemo!

    nadia: u really think so? well thx for comment dear!

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  4. hahahah 3birds = dedi,mummi & mia
    but i wonder why its all had a ‘BELLY’ hahahaha

    ur makeup bag comey la…buatla lagi byk2 than sedekah la kat i
    the 1 tat u gave i bwk anywhere i go tau! 🙂

  5. ibu Emir: awww tq 🙂

    mama shmontel:hey thats pretty neat idea!but nahhh,it doesnt glow

    yatie: sometimes u just need the mood the kick start it kan? well my advice, just surf lotsa crafty sites, and soon u’ll get the mood.well at least it works for me la 🙂 (and then,i’ll lost my mood w my real work.heheh)

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