Morning drive

This morning while driving, I was telling Ted we should really watch out what we say and do in front of our girl.You see, she’s been ‘Miss Parrot’ la these days, echoing what we say. Anyways, funny thing orΒ  ..not?, few seconds later, I accidentally hit on something and being one cursing mommy once awhile (heh) …i said “damn it”. And you’ve guess it, she echoed me!Damn.LOL

Of course, Ted had a great laugh at me! Seriously, need to find a better ‘word’ should I terlepas kata again. Say “basketttball” ke.heh.


9 thoughts on “Morning drive

  1. hey u! thanks for stopping by – takpe, comment banyak2 lagi syiok!! lol πŸ™‚ love this shot of ur baby…so photogenic! my arianna now pulls all sorts of faces n most of the time, she shuts her eyes when i snap. ish, geram only~ anyway, thanks for stopping by n encouraging me! love ur theme….i must cari another one la, boring with this one already. πŸ˜›

  2. ira bet me it will be the hardest thing eva!
    hahahha wat a co-in, whch i yesday sounded by ma sist not to talk
    LU-GUA with ma sibling coz Rania now follow…aiyOoooo so hard la
    but it will be a good turn for us also πŸ™‚ Good luck dearie

  3. aeyya:ya lor,i pun prasan u talk w ur sisters ‘lu gua’.gile rock wei !hehe

    yatie: hoho..i believe ya ! πŸ™‚

    mistymom: hahaha smart girl!when r u guys comin bck here? i’ll ask my ted (lol how interesting our hubs name r the same!!) to take her pic! mau?

    hetz: she’s growin up too fast! miss havin her as baby.

  4. hahahah! funny! did she repeat it again after that??

    similar thing happened to us last week. i said “bangang betol” (to a driver who cut in front of us) and gib just went on and on; “ngang tol!! ngang tol!!”.. tension! but nasib baik i saw a colourful bird and distracted him.. “eh gib, look at that bird!!”.. pfft..

  5. ahah nasib he got distracted!kalo tak nayaa u..hehe

    oh NO!luckily she didnt…but IF she did and IF my parents ever heard it,i’ll just say she pickup frm the nursery.hhahaha..nah kidding!haha

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