We finally had our raya open hse the other day. We were so overwhelmed, didn’t thought many of you could turn up, knowing it was on a long weekends. Thank you for coming! you know who u are 😉

And wahey! for the very first time (a fren commented, i had cooked before for friends,i forgot hehe,malu la to admit babe! wink!), I cooked! Oh well, just a simple dish of kuey teow sup, which is the only one im pretty confident to serve my friends. Am glad to say, habis semua! BUT of course, that wasn’t the only main dish, we ordered nasi dagang and satay too. As for desert, we had chocolate fondue, which I believe was a hit? hehe.

Sadly on that day, ted’s camera wasn’t in its ‘best performance’. And so, we didn’t get to snap pictures like we love too. Anyhow, there is still pictures, but just not much. A day before our makan-makan, we changed our curtain rod, which leave me ..searching for a curtain to sew. It was such a ‘brave’ thing of me to actually sew our house curtain. Fortunately, it does turns out ok and look pretty decent.phew

Oh i forgot to mention! We had a mini celebration for Mia’s second birthday on that day too. Nothing fancy, just candle blowing (which was hijacked by another kid.heh.damn funny.Mia was speechless of course) and cake cutting. I didnt mean to not tell you guys bout her birthday celeb. earlier, dont want to trouble friends with gifts.


On another note, its the 11th month already.Many upcoming events happening in this month, like our third wedding aniversary.Any great ideas of how we should celebrate it are much welcome!

In my next entry, I shall update on my sewing creation.Its been awhile isnt it.

Until then, toodles peeps.


7 thoughts on “November

  1. yes yes everything abis kan ira kan…including your seBESEN nasi dagang!
    i must agree on your choc fondue was a HIT! i love it so much (can get more??)
    and your curtain 🙂 must give credit to you beside all the story behind it.

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