Good Day

Mia with her Oma  (mommy dearest)

Now, this would be a belated entry.

Couple of weeks ago, my lovely cousin, Hani got engaged to a very handsome Iranian boy, Emil. However, they are now back in London, back to his work, and back to her studies. It was really great to finally met her, all grown up. Last time we met, she was this sweet 15 y/old girl, and now,looking more prettier at 21.The wedding will be held summer next year at Kent,London, if time and money permits, well we might get to see her beautiful wedding. I was told it will be by the beach. Wonderful!

the sweet young couple, they sure gonna make CUTE babies!!

Then, just last Saturday night, I attended my school mate’s wedding. The girl who i fondly remembered someone that is jovial, thoughtful, caring and fun. Finally found her true love who she’s been together for almost,i believe 4 years.

Juni & Ivo, Tamarind Spring.

On the night we went to this wedding, we had to leave our girl to my mother. Mia was very upset for sure. It was her first time being alone with her grandmother. We could hear her screaming and knocking the door to be opened. She cried for a good half and hour I was told, and looking so merajuk.

Ma’ also told us she kept pointing her shoes and begging to bring her out. Poor her. Well dear, mummy  is so sorry to have left you like that. We simply can’t bring you to this party dear, it is so not for kids . But we had a really great time there. fyi, the place was where we had our first romantic dinner . TOTALLy brings out great memories. 😉


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