You know, how a song or a movie can give an impact to us. Well, it did to me. And today I am beyond happy. Silly me! And that is just because I’ve watched “Mamma Mia” in the cinema last night. Of course our girl tag along as well.Mana bley tinggal.

Man, she watched the movie like a champ! Seated on hubby’s lap, popcorn by her side, sipping our sodas,wahgaya dah pass! heh. It did helped the movie is a musical type, so she practically enjoyed watching it (surprisingly so does the husband). I lost count how many times she pretended dancing and singing along., and yapping away.hah too cute. hey,even I feel like dancing too. The movie is that GREAT! at least to me lar.

Now, if only I can get hold of a ‘free’ tix to the broadway musical coming this Dec.hmmpph “…If I had a little money,It’s a rich man’s world!” hehe

On another update, sometime last week Mia did the unthinkable and drives me mad.Oh well,u be the judge.Have a look here.


8 thoughts on “Honey!Honey!

  1. my frens have been telling me the movie’s great but i havent watched! gotta go nanti! by the way, we caught the mama mia play back in melbourne 3 years ago and although it was really good (it ended with all the audience getting up to dance along with the cast! i hope msians are as sporting as aussies ah kalau tak boring cam gitu..), some of my frens said the movie’s actually better. tapi to each his/her own, kan

  2. aeyya:kan? and now its mia’s fav.movie.we emm sorta have the downloaded version,so kasik dia layan hehe..but,she didn’t like the talking part,only the singing part.heh.

    babybooned: oh u MUST watch it whenever u get the chance!but,u’ve seen the broadway uh,aaaa jeles jeles!

  3. eh i guess girls memang love mamma mia la, coz i watched it with my lil’ hani, siap dancing2 n she just sat in front of tv njoying the movie

    btw, i bought DVD jer hahaha still havent got chance to “seludup” my daughter into cinema

  4. newrin: hey nurin!longtime no see..what happen to ur blog dear? oh yeah,mia pretty much still hook up w/ the movie.bagus la,i can hv a break frm the purple dino.

    aida:lol..yupp,im lovin it,she’s lovin it!

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