October 9th

mia aisha, 01.10.08

I have so much to tell, yet..i am just to darn lazy to write it all.this is bad.i have my very own domain,and now i’m wasting it just like that.hmpph not good not good.anyhow, our third raya celebration as a family of three. First year, was not so great as I’ve just done with my pantang and lookin so bloated, didnt get to wear any nice kurungs. Second year, slightly better …but still feeling fat. And this year, this year i love my raya.

The fact that we got back to our hometwn (thats’ iph and ktn) without much hassle of the traffic jams and safely.That is a HUGE deal i must say, unlike our previous years, where we had to endure terrible  traffics! Than being said, we’ve learn our lesson, plan our journey well. Other than that, I got to eat my mom’s laksa johor like no tommorow on our second day of raya (and nope,my mom is not a johorean,she just love cooking lakso johor), ate my SIL’s delish nasi minyak/tomato and laksa ..again like no tommorow.memang melantak aje keje saya.seriously.and today,im fasting due to the guilt of eating like no tommorow.(of course,puasa 6 ;P )

As for my kiddo mia, she had a blast of time! Imagine, she can actually wake up early (thats 8am early,her usuals are normally 10above) just so she can play with her cousins all day long. And she has become a wee bit demanding toddler too, which sometimes leave her mommy’s patience pretty thin. She demands to drink only cold and colored drinks, no less. Demands to eat on her own. Demands to let her play all day long and no sleep, aa the list goes on. She’s lucky back home everyone can entertain her needs and demands, but bye-bye she’s now back to just mummy and daddy.(hahahaha evil laugh)

Oh and TODAY’s my dad’s birthday. Well, blur me i wished him YESTERDAY, only to realise late  last night that semalam was 8th..panik takut tak ingat. And am guilty of tellin bro the wrong date too!hehe..bising he didnt wish dad.

Haih,so much of lazy to write and look, already on my 5th para.heh. Well, hope u had a grand raya and i cant wait for friend’s open houses! forgive me, i love eating.really.


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