When September Ends

We’ve come close to the end of Ramadhan. By far, I’m having a great ramadhan month this time round. We are much wiser in terms of not to overspend ourselves for berbuka unlike from our previous years. The only buffet we had was at ikea, which for us are the most tolerable price for a buffet unlike the ones in hotel which is just so ridiculously overpriced.

Almost every week,we have guests coming over to our house for breaking fast ala potlucks. It is so much fun this way! We even dare (i say dare because both of us were working on that day..so,) inviting friends over, during weekdays for berbuka (tiring of course, but heck with great friends what is there to be tired about 🙂 ). Although we,the host, prepared nasi putih and simple (buy) lauk, it turns out we were overload with so much food from friends who brought variety dishes. The food does not matter much, but its effort of friends spending time breaking fast together, having a great laugh,now that makes a whole lot of joy!

It might be early for me to wish this, but have a SAFE balik kampung trip friends. Here’s wishing all of you a Merry Hari Raya!!


3 thoughts on “When September Ends

  1. yeahhh potlucks are the best! we had our first one last sunday and memang ohmigod byk nyaaa leftovers! next time kena coordinate better. hehehehe. anyways, have a safe journey to wherever you’re going and have a fun and memorable raya yeah? hugs to mia 😉

  2. hetty: thanks babe!ho yeah…lets go yah after raya,mintak2 it is still showing la kan. 🙂

    Babybooned:itula,we had lotsa leftovers too.i’ll be back to my hometwn first this raya ;). happy raya to u sekeluarga.

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