oh dear Mia!

Here’s a story of my ever so mischievous daughter.

Last Saturday, she decided to hide our astro card and when asked, she dare to answer us back with “ha where? where” with the hand gesture and shoulder. Bertuah punya budak. It didn’t help, that night the husband was waiting to watch the most anticipating football match. We look underneath the sofa,in the sofa, even took out her toy storage (that has TONS of it!!!) kot kot its in there. na-da. And finally, suddenly i have a  hunch, could it be in the dvd player? Because of late, this girl just LOVE to play with it and oh!so clever to insert and press play to watch her Barney. I kid u not!

And wadaya know.True enough, it is IN there! When tried to press play, it got stuck! Since her daddy was already inpatient to watch the tele, nak tanak he had to dismantel the dvd player and took out the card. argh. Mia on the other hand, was well, find it very amusing and giggle, while her daddy tried his  very best putting back the dvd player in place. She’s lucky she’s a daddy’s girl alright!

Not enough with the dvd player, she cannot tahan to play with our cameras. Well, she can’t resist mine that’s for sure. Ted’s cammie is of course way too heavy for her to handle. She did tried, but gave up. heh.  What surprises me, she understand the concept of snapping photos and goes “smileeeee” ..snap!snap!snap!.Bley? And my am glad we’re not using those film type, else I’ll go mad mad mad. hahahaha

Since her last birthday celebration, she begins to love eatin cakes. There’s still plenty of leftovers cake , but in our household, both the husband and i hardly eat it. Thanks to our girl, she can eat it, pagi, petang, mlm. What a bliss she must have felt uh. And this girl is strong enough to open the fridge door on her own and scoop the cake. No amount of high pitch mommy’s voice’ can stop this girl from eating HER CAKE. Sometimes I just give in and let her be.tape la kan.janji she love brushes her teeth.;)

So what’s your next surprises to mommy & daddy uh dear?


10 thoughts on “oh dear Mia!

  1. Ira, that’s normal incident, sometimes my kids exchange the astro card with other cards. but the way she open the fridge seems so cute, like mine too open the fridge to get some fruits or drinks. BTW my son love pic snap off course not using his papa’s camera..

  2. mama shmontel: TRUST ME…i suspen gak! eh,babe ur online still @ 3.50am? sahur ka..?so earlier!!ya new domain,like it?

    ibu Emir:hahaha reaaallly meh??

    anne:hehhehe..well,at first i was relunctant jugak la she wanted to play with it,but lookin at how she handle it quite OK (OK as in,campak pun kat sofa..errr..haha,but definately under my supervision)..so kasik can lah.

    Yatie:one thing good,she now knows where to get her biscuits in the fridge.(yupp,i put it in the fridge.dun ask!haha)

    aeyya:ho yeah..surprisingly kan? ;P

  3. hehehehe i like mia’s pjs. cuteness.

    and memang betul2 budak gadget la dia ni.. just like dedi eh??

    we only have daddy’s big camera, ayra hasnt tried it yet, too heavy for her la. but hiding things? ho yeah she’s done it many times hahahaha

  4. Terenya Mia, can play Barney and help herself to the cake on her own..sometimes we wish these kind of independence ni towards more permitted stuff kan.. haha

    Amir’s a gadget boy too. And he did try to play with the DSLR too many times.. sigh..

  5. nikmummy:im wishing the same thing too dear hehe..but,when the time do came,im sure gonna miss how dependence they are to us pulak..sob sob..eh,i miss your cheeky boy!!

    kiddo’s mom:oh yeah i know what u mean..ayra hiding your EBM itu hari kan..hehe funny girl!!

    BabyBooned:aww thanks dear. 🙂 strong heart aii..err,tahan kejap je tu heh

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