Strangely,I’ve come to notice my updates has consecutively falls on tuesday. And nope, i didnt plan it that way. It’s so happen, Monday nite i have the mood to write. Anyhow, i have a few things to highlights this time round. But first of all, many thanks to all of you who left their birthday wishes for Mia! I’m very sure she’ll appreciate it when she comes to understand the concept of celebrating birthday.

Secondly, we had a mini make-over with our home. One part of it would be we finally install the floorboard. We’re lovin it! And now,both of us are so semangat to decorate the house.heh. In fact, we’ ve make quite a few trips to ikea, just to check out their showrooms and get some ideas. This time round, I got myself ikea’s fabric. Those with left overs meters.Just nice for me to turn into pillowcase and curtains.

the simplest and easiers curtain i ever sew.(make that my first curtain sew ever haha)

our sofa pillows. the small one is unfinished tho’, (missing the zip) but whatdaheck take pic dulu la.

So come raya, im wishing to have well organized and cozy home. 🙂

And last but not least, i’m moving to a new ‘home’ blog. So, this is basically my last entry here in wordpress domain and my first entry in idoublera.com/blog. Welcome aboard!


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