Happy Birthday Mia!

Took me quite a while to choose the right picture to pin up here for this entry. Which end up me taking mia’s latest pictures from ted’s blog. She’s one lucky girl, at the age of two, she has tons of pictures taken by her daddy!!

Mia darling, We are SO Happy to be able to watch you grow up until now.Syukur Alhamdulilah. Mummy is not great in writting wonderful entry for you,but know for sure, we both love you to bits.More than words can say. I hope one day you’ll realise how lucky you are to be bless in this world with good health, and great parents like us.heh.

And this day too, we celebrated our 2nd year as a parent. During our first few months as a new parent , we had one hell of a ‘bumpy ride’ into parenthood (and your babyhood), but as the years goes by, we pretty much got the hang of it. What more, you should be proud of us honey, we did all by ourself! Just the two of us handling you dear. And not one bit we felt regret of the things we did.

Mommy may not say this often, but you have such a great daddy, who is ever so willing to layan you watching barney over and over again in the wee hours, downloading your fav. shows in your ipod, spoilt you with milo, ice creams and cold drinks even when mommy say ‘no’ for the 100th times. Truly a daddy’s girl!

My dear Mia, I wish you all the good blessing in the world and may you grow up to be a beautiful girl inside & outside, and mommy’s best friend forever. 🙂

Happy Birthday sayang!


23 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mia!

  1. WHOA..well said..eh written!! i plak yg rase touched…hehee..i wouldve wrote the very same words to hylda what ur writting here for mia…a beautiful mother to dotter piece!

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