End of August

Big bro got hitched earlier in August. We’re happy that he finally found his love and I couldnt be happier for him. Its great to have another new addition (and a sister too!) to the family.May our raya this year would be merrier than ever.

On another note,August has been a hectic month for me (well, so does the past few month too).Like last last weekend,i worked for both days,saturday and sunday, and only to be back home close to 10pm.That didnt end there.Monday i was  back in office altho’ yesterday being first day of ramadhan, AND public hol but dateline is catching up, so back to work.And this time, I got back even late, at 3am bley? adeh.And today,i could not believe i still manage to come to work and dress up.Its either im going insane or turning into a workacholic girl.sheesh.Oh ya, husband has been very helpful and such a great sport,taking care of mia, brought her to kidzsport,bangi,sunway..haih merata la berjalan w/o mummy.

However, luckily my August wasn’t that bad.Weekends was spend with a good friends, leen and family.And like always, we didnt had any plan and just go with the flow.Which got us end up in…. a karaoke place.heh.my goodness,how i miss singing my lungs out (same goes with my man  here hahaha).Among our song list was rihanna ‘pls dont stop the music’, and boy we (leen n i) didnt expect we can actually sang it.the music beat was pretty fast.semput abit la heh.Oh, the kids? Well, they behave very very well (no whining, but lotsa running around!). Emmil slept (almost) through out our karaoke session, with music blasting pretty l.o.u.d.hehe.It was a blast  merdeka eve we had, at least for us lar. 🙂

OK la, thats it for now peeps. Im zonking off.damn tired.da’!

p/s: “aku & dirimu” song by ari lasso are just beautiful and very very addictive la wei.


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