My girl’s birthday is just a few weeks away, and so does fasting month!! so fast lei time flies! and i am not even ready to accept her turning another year old.

She’s pretty much an independent girl, wanting to do stuff  on her own, from eating her own meal til getting ready  to dress up. But boy when things don’t turn out her way, you’ll be hearing lotsa whinning and screaming and crying going ons (both frm mommy and her). And there are times, she can be quite a handful for me to handle.haih. I want to believe its one of those cranky days, but i think.. its the T2 phase. Other times, she can be really sweet and chirpy entertaining herself with books or watching her barney shows (over and over again).

Ok,i have a situation here. Of late, mia been having difficulty in doing her ‘number two’.The red face, the one corner hide, the sweats,the tears.Really kecian when i heard her crying ‘trying’ her Very best ‘not to’push out. I guess her stool  is just too hard, that she feels the need to keep ‘it’ inside as long as she can. It’s painful i know but my dear,it does not work that way.We did took her to doctor for consult, and got some medication for her. Sometimes jalan,sometimes it doesnt. We hardly change her diet,its pretty much the same. SO how does this thing happen ah? (does ones parent’s history counts??teehee)

A friend told us to try giving her prune juice. Im happy it does worked. But, itu lah..i have to keep on giving her that.sigh.Any advice from experience mother out there?

On another note, she loves saying ‘hello’ and ‘bye bye’ to people (thats fine) but to the tv, to her books, to passerby cars ..oh kelakar!And she’s becoming like a real girlish girl too i must add. Observing her mommy getting ready is her fav!When im done, she’ll quickly grab MY bag and put in on HER shoulder.Pretending she’s the One going off. Sometimes, her toy ‘baby’ tag along in her mini stroller. gosh what sight i tell u.a real makcik!

Well my girl, don’t grow up too fast will yah!!


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  1. Aaaww .. she really looks like a big girl in the picture! Anyway, am no expert, but have you tried giving her fruits and/or yoghurt after her meals? And maybe increases her juice and water intake?

  2. turning 2 already.. so fast! I’m sure I’m gonna be pretty emo too when my dotter turns 2. Now also already getting the gist of the T2. hehe.. patience is the key!
    Maybe u already know this but I’ll just mention it anyway. Papayas and bananas and plenty of water like what lolyta said.

  3. love the skirt! am afraid dont really know the secret to the no. 2 department because yazid as you know is suffering the same fate. as it is dah 4 days tak do no. 2 :(. but i thk shud try the papaya and increase juice/water intake tu. hope it works for both mia and yazid 😉

  4. hetz:tq dear. pity kan the kids!i think 4 days is the max..coz mia,after 4 days she sure cannot ‘tahan’ anymore,and HAVE to bobok (thats what we call it heh).but after four days!!adoiiii

    babyripp:itu la dia kena byk bersabar kan,sometimes when im like reaaally Really mad at her,i would let her be and move away frm her. i SO do not what to scold her,coz i know it woould def. make things worse, but sometimes bey tahan lah..hehe havent tried on papayas,will do.bananas,err..doesnt work! 😦

    lolyta:haaa yogurt uh.does calciyum counts ah?hehe ok will go buy some today.thanks!!

  5. eya has experienced prob with no 2 a lot…as advised by her paed, we gave her prunes once a day, and drink a lot of water…as she hates plain water, we gave her for bananas, i stop giving her to eya as her no 2 become worse…and sometimes its because of the formula…we gave eya a new brand and after that, her no 2 is smooth flowing (hehehe)

  6. HI Ira,

    When my lil gal was around Mia’s age, she had same problem and it really pity her.
    We consult doc on it given a “ubat bontot” it works but we could not rely on it. So we intro her fruit juice (she like juices) , yogurt, fruits and gave her veggie and dried prunes and no choc drink please. Those food became her fav food.and off course prepare her water bottle so that she can drink water frequently.
    It ever happen to my lil gal , her stool just stuck kat tut dia, cannot come out.
    BUT PLEASE DO NOT PUT ANY OIL OR SABUN DEKAT THAT AREA, might coz infection. I hope this help you

  7. Jon pon slalu ada problem tuh. Sometimes ngangis sampai hati i pon sakit. I didn’t do much but to hug him and coax him to uk uk. Drinking water helps him a bit. We try to change his diet when after 1 or 2 days without him doing his business. Like giving him porridge or a lot of soup or bananas. For chinese, we think that the body being too “heaty” may cause this problem too.

  8. mama shmontel: i did a bit too sweet the othr day, but ur right,its the best! 🙂 and tq.

    tina:i second to that.her body’s prolly heaty and lackin of fluid too.and how’s jon now? btw boria? hahahha oh Nooo lah

    aeyya:it depends also la..if slalu jumpa she should be ok 🙂

  9. Yatie:hi yatie!eh know wat…thanks for the warning!tho’ it does crosses my mind,but i WOULD NEVER do it lah,tak sanggup seh! i know my parents once did that to us (i seriously do not knw whr they get the idea,but it work but seriously it hurts!). as for us, the doc. prescribe mia ubat to loosen her stool.but like u said,tanak la rely sgt on it kan.thx for advice!

    jaja:eya too uh? as for us,we did change her to a new formula,tp itu started way before we introduce the new milk. oh well.guess,kena increase her water intake,fruits and yogurt like the rest’s advice.

    thanks peeps!

  10. Surprisingly ever since Jon is potty trained, he finds it quite easy and willing to uk uk on the toilet seat now. Maybe he has been drinking more water too… kalau full cup kan, just abt 2 cups sometimes more which is still tak cukup kan.

  11. supermummy:no wayy…reallly??!OK must try then! 🙂 tq.

    tina:wahh Jon big boy d’.good lor u train him dah.i do not know when to start for mia..any tips?

    oh btw peeps,it WORKED! i dont know whether its the papaya or the yogurt or the prune juice..i blasah kasik all that (in fact i took some of it too for myself and damnit i had a huge stomachache haha).

  12. hahaha. I think the combination of the 3 things you gave her la. Hahaha. Good to hear something works.
    Tips ah. Ready to get your hand dirty when “accidents” happens. Hahaha. I think teaching her to say shh shh and uk uk or whatever you refer them as will definitely help. And she being able to tell you at the correct time when she needs to do it. Start with pull-up diapers or training pants but aim not to wet them. Its still early for Mia but no harm to start trying.

  13. ala kesian nyer…. 😦 yea, i know how it hurt them as much as it hurts us as we watch them suffer like that. fruits are good but although most ppl think that bananas can help, sometimes it makes things worst. best is prune juice as u already know, lots of fluids, maybe some wholemeal bread instead of white, yogurt works like a charm for me n maybe papaya? all the best! hope it gets better…

  14. halinaz:hi there! yupp thats definately the key 😉 thank you.

    mistymom:hey u!thx for the comment! and yeah ‘YAY’ hehe

    tina:actually i’ve been teaching her sometime d’ readin up her ‘it’s potty time’ book and got her very own potty too.cuma, itulah the big L word teehee.but ur right,the sooner the better also kan? but lets just give her some time first la (and mommy too!). nanti i miss her big butt diaper,tak npk baby pulak. eh babe,this should totally be whole new entry la! haha

  15. Babe, love the skirt! And yes, Mia does look very ladylike lah. Maaann.. now I want a daughter! Haha..

    Nways, as I told Hetz earlier on, whenever Irfan has problems “yak”-ing, we’d give him papaya/banana. And so far it has worked. I think it’s their milklah – too heaty. So they always constipate. Kesian, kan? Do give her lots of buah and here’s to hoping that she wouldn’t have to go through so much trouble. Good luck! 🙂

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