Wonder Bag

OK,Here’s the thing, NO SEWING needed. 😉 I am more than thrill to share a simple ‘how to’ (i wouldn’t wanna claim it as a tutorial as im pretty sure anyONE can SO do this).

OH!Before anything, the pic above is a demo of a plastic pillowcase i kept, and insert my fabric in there so you guys have an idea of it.Or you guys might have thought so? alrites,move along..

Now, all you need is just a transparent(or not) plastic cover, scissors and sellotape. And a couple of minutes.

I did mine by using a bedsheet plastic casing (so its bigger than the above pic).and boy, am glad i kept those stuff.reuse recycle yo!btw check out this cool sitetinytapir,our local GREEN site

Next, cut the bottom part to make it shorter (sorry no pic, was too excited doing it only to realise it later). Then,you get to this part. Just fold it,and get to a corner like this –>

you can measure up to get a nice square/bucu ..but lazy me,i just agak-agak and just sellotape each corner. and TADAAAA.. the output –>

font view (yupp, gonna use it as mia’s diapeewipee case)

side view

If you’re extra rajin,you’ll prolly can make your own groovy decal,like the wonderwoman decal pic below.

much thanks to this book,”simply sublime” by jodi kahn which totally rock! its simple and has a clear instruction (both picture and word wise). furthermore,its my first encounter with tips of making bag without the need to sew.now,that’s freaking awesome doncha think!! well,at least i DO.

Hokay guys,good luck!If you do make one,hey…do drop a comment here will yah.would love to see yours. 🙂


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