Phuket Island

Yes.We’re back! And that sucks..hahaha.Well, four days is actually boleh-lah good enough for us to unwind and just chill with a bunch of crazy friends.heh.Now..,where shall i begin.For a start, our hotel room is HUGE and we loved it.So unlike what we had in SG.Its a boutique hotel, barely a year old, with great location, near the patong beach (2min walk) and also nearby muslim stall! What we like most is, we felt like we were the only guest in the hotel!no kidding.balik2 muka sama (our fellow friends, btw there were 6 couples including us). Hetz’s family join with this trip as well, but i let her share her part of the story :).

hetz & i getting the kids ready for a round trip around town

This trip was not on tour, so all of us pretty much just go with the flow and do our thang. Day 1,After settling down our the hotel room, we went out to check out the beaches … and the mall, which btw took us almost …err hmm, 1/2hour Walking (and pushing the stroller!) from the Patong beach to Jungceylon mall.Well, along the way, we did the stop-look at the small2 shops, selling sourveniors and what nots.Just to get the idea where to shop (and do massage) later on. I was with the girls, while Ted was with another guy friends,busy searching for tailor shop.FYI, here (thailand) they can customade your office attire/business suit within a day (or two)! at a very reasonable cheap price. Ted have made comparison before between tailormade here (kl) and there,and obviously siam offer a better rate.

Later that night, we went out to have an expensive tomyam dinner at a restaurant call ‘Dubai’ (i did not expect to see a lot ofย  arabs shops and peeps in phuket!my my). Because the tuk-tuk fella stop us at this rest, and because we were damn hungry and tired, we just go ahead with this place.Luckily, the tomyam was indeed delish!

Next day,we rented a toyata vios (for 1200Baht a day).Its convenient to rent a car rather than to take their tuk-tuk/cab which cost 200Baht for evey single trip.We went round and round the town from morning til afternoon. Back in hotel, the three of us ( mia,ted and moi) swam our hearts out in the hotel’s pool.Noone was around, so it was practically heaven for us, to laugh out loud,scream and doing silly stuff.;)

Third day. Ahah! THIS is the most happening day! We went to the famous James Bond Island. The trip to the jetty (frm our hotel) took bout 45minutes. Before heading to JB Island, we first went to a muslim fishing village which serve us yummylicious tomyam lunch (gawd i love it!).

the crazy bunch!hehe.this boat ride reminds me like the shows in national geo. heh btw,i lost my blue hat thanks to the strong wind!gah!! (yes dear i know u’ve warn me..but but…hehe)

wait be continue..

in front of Koh Pannyi, a floating Muslim fishing village

mia drinking her milk with ‘style’

on kayak

The three of us took a kayakride around …..And no,we were not the one rowing it (thankgwd!).HOWEVER, the weather wasn’t kind enough (heavy rain just minutes we aboard).We were stranded for a good 20minutes under an open cave(phew).The ride were meant to be a 45min.,but it was cut short to 10 min, as we were rushing to Bond Island.

By late evening, we arrive back to our hotel room.Exhausted of course! But that didnt stop us from a night outing yet again, doing the same thang-shopping and massage! Came back pweety late, close to 2am.Glad Mia didn’t act up while we did our massage. She sat quietly on my lap (i was doin foot massage) watching her barney on ipod.phew. That nite, we were bein a wee bit adventourous. we actually took a bike cab.The four of us including the mtrbike rider took us all back to the hotel.No worries, it was only a 2min ride aja. ๐Ÿ™‚ Now, Mia pretty much completed her public transport hahaha,frm busses to mrt to motorbike!ahaks.

Day 4:Woke up early to a breezing morning rain. Had another last jalan-jalan. By noon, we’re off to the airport. The End.

Definately a Must repeat destination.The hotel boy,the receptionist ..well basically Thai ppl are so generous with their smiles.i like that.:)

*for some weird reason i do not know why some of pictures didnt show up.darn! oh well i’ll settle it later.


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