credits to nadia

Of late, our house internet connection has been unstable, unrealiable and just plain frustrating at times. Making us rethink, should we stay on with this provider, which btw has gone from bad to worst!! And I personally feel, it does not justify the worth of the amount we’re paying.Really sakit hati ooOo.

Oh well.life still goes on anyways. Of course, during those sucky net connection,i’ve thought of so much stuff to write about…but,heck now i cant even think of those stories i wanted to tell.ANYWAYSS..

A quick update: on Mia– she has shown great interest in swimming, which totally overwhelmed me! I was totally inspired by Nadia, whose son,Irfan can swim bravely (and good at it too). I can swim, so im hoping she too can one day. OH ya! Last 2 weekends, Nadia invited me to join playdate @ tmn jaya w/ Irfan, together w/ Shanon‘s girl, Rachel. All three of ’em are about the same age. Mia was only woken when we arrived thr (she had a good 4 hours!nap btw) and got a lil’ cranky.Biasa la baru bangun tdo. Took her awhile to warm up. Rachel & Irfan was such a darl! Both tryin to cheer her up.haha.funny and cute.You can see great set of photos frm ’em both here and here.Err,our set? Well,nanti i ask my mr.ted.

A quick update: on ME– well, i  won this pass (EL Staff Sale) from a blogger friend. Such a nice girl she is.The damages i did wasn’t that bad i would say (or am i in denial?haha). Sales are just everywhr now uh.gawd.Help me to STAY away frm it!

Hokay,I’m off to bed now. Nite nite.


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