mia and her mini kurung

Here’s my latest sewing project runway.hehe..

A couple of weeks ago, I happen to saw the exact same fabric above which turn into a skirt from a VERY famous baby branded store and selling at rm125! (no kidding!) and man,i bought this fabric for 4mtr and paid less than that! what a  rip off! ask me personally and i tell u which brand 🙂

The kurung above was done by me and with a great help from my MIL.

“thanks tokma.im lovin it”


24 thoughts on “mia and her mini kurung

  1. so nice…mia looked so mature la in the pic. What happened? She grew up so much overnite!! I can’t recognise her without her signature pout la. where did u get the fabric. very nice!!

  2. snazzynsuch:thank u dear. 🙂

    jaja:i bought it frm this makcik,u happen to sell her stuff just bawah my office. she told me it was frm dubai,tatau lah whether true or not,but its really nice, so beli aje lah.

    shida:she does uh? itulah..turnin 2 soon pun tak lama lg.

  3. ibu emir: awww .. 🙂

    hetz:if only i could snap a photo of it, itu hari kan…but im just too chicken out the salegirl might get mad @me.hehe.prolly nexttime should ask mia to try it on,then we snap!hahaha

    tina: hahaha oh she still has that ‘signature pout’.

    lana:haiqal pun got his 1st bj melayu dah also kan.

  4. hey..i hopped over from nadia’s. your little girl is soooo cute!!! btw…i know which famous branded store you are talking about cos I bought a top with the same fabric for my daughter. however, i got that at the outlet 😉

  5. mommy to chumsy:hi there!thx for hopping by. haaa good fer ya. want a headband to match with that ? 🙂

    nadia: let me find a sifu to teach me how to make one first hor..

  6. anne:ha ha..di mana yah? 😉 my cost is only my time lah.hehe

    mama shmontel:alamak tak brani la dear … kecian sarah nanti dpt senget2 jahitan.hehe.. a headband bley? hehe

  7. haaa. tak pe tak pe…baru lepas pujuk my tailor utk jahitkan baju kurung sarah & she agreed. but i asked her to keep the perca utk i buat headband mcm mia tu (mcm reti!kuang kuang kuang). tapi tailor tu nak jahit masa bulan puasa nanti so nanti lambat pulak kalau nak minta u jahit the headband (ewah). so apa kata, spt babybooned suggested…..put up a tutorial la dear! heh heh… 😉

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