the SG trip,

Day One: We had a bumpy flight ride, which freak the hell out of me!.but our flight arrived 15minutes early tho’,which is great, giving us plenty time to browse around. accommodation in singapore’s hotel are not, here a glimpse of what our hotel room (cost SG130ish) looks like. was it worth it? well, minus the limited space we got, i really don’t mind since the room is clean, cozy and functional.after all, we only came back to sleep and bath. ๐Ÿ™‚ oh, and the location couldnt be better.the bus stop is just right in front of the hotel and to mrt just a 3min walks. furthermore, there’s a halal rest. just around the corner. so very easy and convenient. ๐Ÿ™‚ that nite, we met my dear friend,who is currently residing & working in SG, being ourย  faithful guide.

Day Two :Woke up late (close to 12). penat jln last nite much of wanting to catch early bus to the zoo. anyways, we quickly got ourself ready, walk to mrt + took 927 bus, which stop right in front of the zoo gate. weather was oh so lovely.not too hot, just slightly gloomy but no sign of raining.

one of those moment when she just refuses to sit in her stroller, and would rather STAND and hold the mrt’s pole,just like an adult.bley?

as a proof we really do take bus rides.

being a true daddy’s girl.enjoyin her first bus rides ๐Ÿ™‚

at the zoo, mia was a lil’ terrified of the white tiger,but she just adore the hipos and the croc.prolly becoz those creature were under water,and we’re seeing it at eye level.very interesting. half round the zoo, she dozed off. the zoo was indeed well kept and 6ish, we’re back to orch rd ..and the rest of the day was spent-shopping + eating. later in the evening, we went to their new mall vivo city. my comment, just like any mall i’ve been to, which has every brand in one stop.simple as that.

while waiting for bus ride back to orchard rd.

night safari? are u kidding me! penat la mommy”

Day Three: Last day.Had our hearty breakkie at Zam Zam rest, which they claim to serve the mother ofย  murtabaks.And true it was. Sedaplicious! and we only took our lunch close to 4.the rest of the day, again, another round of orchard rd. hubs was happy heย  finally found his lappy bag to fit his 17′ macbuk. i on the hand, satisfied to get a roomy bag to fit everything n anything. heh.

while this girl, got herself a new pair of shoes! she loves giving this malu-malu kucing look to prize guessing,she got the most stuff than us.

with my good friend,ah tiam who’ve been such a great sport!!

taking a quick rest and feeding mia’s late lunch

since we were running late and not getting a proper dinner, so nak tanak we orderedย  AA flight food.

even mia was shock to see the menu’s price! ;P

-the end-

just to highlight few facts we came to know bout singapore’s rules –

1)no other vehicles are to wait/use bus lanes. hardly any taxi will take passenger there, else they’ll be fine!there’s a camera on every bus (in fact on the road too). however we did once ask the cab to wait for awhile while hubs get our lugage @the hotel room, boy was the cab driver got paranoid waiting at the bus lane!no joke haha.

2) taxi driver can never say ‘no’ to where we wanna go, else kena Fine!

2)they have implement no smoking in clubs. and at certain restaurant,there’s a yellow box for smokers.

3) no eating and drinking in mrt! ( hubs n mia accidently ate!haha..nasib tak kena) and many more.


12 thoughts on “the SG trip,

  1. nadia:and girls somemore, lagi cannot resist lookin at ’em skirts,cute2 sandals etc.. hhehehe

    Ibu Emir:hahaha i like it too.she actually said “WOWWWWW”. her fav.statement!

    hetz:hell yeah!inform awal2 then can plan ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. wow wee! u look so happy la. shop till u drop ye … mia oso dah besar. in that age dia dah boleh start enjoy any rides (mrt, bus, beca ..) next, horse riding yeah. anyway the blue thing is cool. makes life easier kan.

  3. great fun! good on you guys ๐Ÿ˜€ yeah msian public transport leaves a lot to be desired alright. i dont think its spore’s small size that makes it easier to manage. where there’s a will there’s a way. look at australian public transportation. and they’re so much bigger than us!

  4. Babybooned:true.couldnt agree more with ur statement thr.what more,their oil prices also naik, on weeekly basis somemore but ppl dont complaint as much as us here as their public transport are just so reliable.

    shida:hah hows ur horse riding goin on?tapikan we already tried riding the horse (during our hols @ tganu), mia don’t really like it.ntah lahh..maybe should give it a try again later later.

  5. tina:ho yeah..u should gv it a try.makes u think WHY our gomen cant do the same!haih.

    babyripp:kita kena suh paklah tu naik bus/lrt kat sini baru dia tau.hehe

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