Tues blues

it’s already second half of the year!!and today is the 8th of july. A week of july has past.


We’re back from our vacay at SG. Its was GREAT,but tiring! but in a fun kinda way. I’ve so much to tell, but prolly later with pictures.You guys would love that too doncha. Just to highlight one thing, we just LOVE their public transport. It is just so efficient and clean and fast and ..oh,what not to like. We were basically on mrt, taxi & buses even to get to our destination with Mia on tow (with stroller on board) w/o much hassle. I so cannot imagine doing the same here. Addition to that, we walk ALOT too. Now, something we hardly do overhere. To which, I felt my feet rasa macam nak tercabut aja (apart due to shop till i drop also la teehee). Ok, the rest i’m saving it for my next posting,whenever that might be. 😉 I miss SG already.


i’ve moved to a new office. still in the same building, same floor but at a different side of it. some might like the place, but ..im taking quite some time liking it.it’s in a room, with a collegue which is great BUT there’s no view.no window and that pretty much sucks to me.furthermore, at times i felt stuffy!gah.And, the place is such a mess. I so wanna clean it up, but heck works are just pilling up, which in another way, I have to make time (i.e stayback!) and i do not like staying back. The room is unquestionable in need of proper organization.


tomorrow july 9th,mia turns 22months old.she talks alot now.Among words she can pronounce (which i can recall now) are ‘one’,’two’,’baba’,’bye bye’,’nak’,’bak’,’ball’,’where’,’cat’,’mummeh’. Two friends that she can remember  (and point out by lookin at their pictures) are ‘jid’ (yazid) and ayra. 🙂 She’s also very songeh nowdays. Demanding and garang too. In fact, she has pull off  stunt (rolling on the floor screaming/crying) both at home and outside which leave me feelin pissed and frustrated too. I need to be extra patient la this girl. Oh ya, another thing bout my girl, she totally has ‘perut melayu’.Since when, i do not know. Lasttime she was fine eating pasta/fries but now, must have RICE! adoi.


ok, i really need to get back to work.later peeps.


7 thoughts on “Tues blues

  1. owhooo holiday, bestnyaaaa i really need one 🙂

    haaa seriously part byk songeh i really wonder how la most book i read bout raising child konon talk wth ur child slowly don raise ur voice..well i surely can do that for a while but after 2-3 times kadang2 rasa mcm hilang sabar giler, sigh!

  2. we were at s’pore zoo last year…. clean zoo……..
    yep i like their public transport too.was grown there so still like there………..
    anywhere love to see ur pic….we’re going there next nov… cousin wedding and hubby will be a photo guy……..

  3. perut melayu, bagus laa, n the mommy has to learn more to cook for her 🙂 tapi kalau emir, telur nasik kicap dah cukup. and i can imagine how u shopping at SG.. cepat upload gambar yer

  4. ibu emir:ha a mia pun mcmtu jugak,just plain rice with simple telur,or sayur or fish will do. oh pictures,can view @ted’s blog. dah upload skit.

    snazzynsuch :i show to u personally la better.:)

    yatie:i’ll upload soon ya, but the rest can see at my husband,ted’s blog.

    newrin: itu lah dia kan,kena sabar bebyk la, thats our cabaran as parents lor.

  5. didcha apply for spotlight VIP card?
    boleh jadi giler kan tengok fabrics dia? huhuhu.

    i was in singapore on 1st and 3rd july.
    naik bas dia senang giler, tak payah tercangak2 nak tanya orang.
    board dia very informative. MRT takyah cakap la.
    funny how they came up with better public transport system which was build much much earlier than the ones we have here.

  6. ok..now im like SUPER menyesal.they did offered me the be a member.
    but what did i do? i decline it!*doink btul! reasonbeing,’oh am not frm here’.damn,what
    was i thinking!!there’s always next trip there for shure kan.adeh.

    and man,u were there too!alarr…else can go gether2 spotlight n borong like crazy!(well i did anyways hehe).and yupp, they system are so EASY and informative indeed!

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