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Babyripp did this tag in one of her entry (read here). Her lists is very interesting! Since my blog lacks of update, at least this tag should do. It’s a “TOP TEN things I couldn’t have survive without”. My list would be sorta rojak. Some  stuff are frm my personal favs, while the rest  are coming frm me as a parent and so on. So, here goes (in non preference order).

My #1 : The Internet
I swear, i love this great technology.I’ve been addicted to the world of WW, during its first break back when I was in my teen years. Ever since then, internet has been one of my resourceful infos for me. Just a click(google) away, and wallah! During my confinement days, internet has been one reliable source. Sometimes, u just need another person opinion in a forum, or from another experience mommyhood friends online.

My #2 : Vaseline
My lips gets easily dry and chapped once in awhile. I remembered having a terrible day in school with my chapped lips bleeding! It was just horrible and unsightly! I felt so ashamed. But thanks to someone, I knew this Vaseline product. Such a savior! I’ve been using it ever since. It is one of my MUST HAVE item in my bag. I’ve tried so many other brands, but Vaseline top it off. But recently I bought this l’occitane’s lip balm, just to give it a try,not bad la jugak. Small and compact, easy to bring around too.

My #3 : Clarinase
I’ve blog about my terrible sinus problem before. Anyhow…out of nowhere, after Mia was born, it got lessen and lessen. However, it can still be trigger once awhile but thankfully it won’t be as bad as it used to be. Now that i know i can rely on Clarinase, this Pil totally work well on me. I only took it IF i feel my flu/sinus just wont go away by itself. I hope in the long run there’s no terrible effect to it.

My # 4: Carseat/Stroller/Carrier
I believe I do not need to further explain of how importants those items above are. It is a MUST HAVE for every parent in today’s life.I cannot imagine our outing w/o those 3 stuff.

My # 5:Barney
Yup. This purple dino is also in my list.haih. But hey, it does helped to distract Mia from bothering me ( a good half an hour+) while im attending the housework (or a need to browse the net in Peace heh). But of course, kaco her mommy are her TOP MOST fav.thing to do still.

My # 6:Pureen Liquid Cleanser
I do not own a bottle steriliser (i do it the old fashion way-boil it). So we just buy this bottle cleanser which leave the milk bottles looking pristine.At least for me la. You can totally feels the cleanliness and that sparkling effect.Puas hati!

My # 7:Paracetomol
A medicine that never fails to work on my baby. Unless of course, if its a serious illness then thats another story altogether.

My # 8:Magic Sponge
You know, that white color sponge. Made frm Japan. Work like charm I tell u. Can use on toilet, on tiles, on walls, on furniture. Just dip the sponge with a lil’ bit of water, and ur ready to clean up watever ur heart desire. Just like its name, those dirty stuff Magically disappear! 🙂 Another puas hati product.O and very cheap too. 🙂 (actually aa …i’m pretty obssess with cleaning gadget and stuff!hahaha)

My # 9:The F factor
Family and Friends.No man is an island babe.

My # 10:Washing Machine
hahaha.Bet u didnt see this coming uh? You don’t know how important it IS until it went kaput.sigh. actually aa.. my w/machine at home mcm nak kong!! and im pissed.there’s a week worth of unwashed clothes! adoi. and no way im washing using my bare hands!byk Oooo.Thankgawd for our kind neigbour who let us ‘tumpang’ basuh.Lega.Now,gotta find TIME to get that machine fix!

Ok-tada..tats about all peeps. We’ll be on another short holiday for three days. Yay!


12 thoughts on “Tag:Top 10

  1. ira, get a machine that can do everything for you. I got mine and it doesn’t so pre-wash (hitting myself for this mistake) and end up I have to handle pre-wash with my bare hands. Kalau tak soak, bau tak fresh and not properly cleaned.

    Thanks for the mention on the white sponge thing. Have been eyeing that for a long time but just couldn’t believe that it will work wonders. Will get it asap and retire the toothbrush from washing bathroom walls… hehehehe

  2. hetz:thanks chica!

    ibu emir: u can try to find it(magic sponge) at a dept.store or even hardware store.good luck!

    aeyya: muahahah

    tina: tina,ur first sentence ah,makes me excited tau.knw y? coz i ACTUALLY thot there is a machine that does EVERYTHING from washing UNTIL folding the clothes!!.hahahaha…seriously,if ada i would totally GO OUT NOW and buy!hehe im so lazy in that ‘lipat kain’ dept. oh.i pun dulu used t/brush ;P but seriously tina, go get that magic sponge.it does wonders. 🙂 goodluck!

  3. ya la.. at one time, I was dreaming abt a dryer. But with price increase on everything, these 2 hands have to sacrifice a bit la… hahahaha. Nowadays I just keep my eyes wide open just in case someone invented a washing machine that can handle the dirty laundry dept, a vacumm cleaner that can suck dirt and mop at the same time… and… and… talk abt all-in-one concept.

    ibu emir: If you happen to be in Bangsar, I saw them in Village Groccer (Bangsar Village) and the hardware store kat LG of BV (same row with FOS). Sorry, I’m a shopaholic…hic!

  4. eh ira, pureen liquid tu best eh? i’m using pigeon’s but it’s pricey. thot of trying other brands too but dont know which one. pureen’s has diff flavor (eh? ke ape eh dia panggil?) rite? which one you use?

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