To the Highland

We had a short break to Genting. Best! (updated pic:here)

Hubs manage to booked our company’s apartment at Awana. It’s a pretty spacious apartment, as it can fit 6 adults and 6 kids, with 3 rooms, kitchen and a lovely view frm the balcony. Except, the grill was lock!darn! Since it was one huge apartment, we decided to ask hetz and the modds to tag along. However, the modds had something going on, so it was just hetz &co with us.

The day started as we plan. By 11am we arrived at the cable station, park our car and assemble two strollers for the kids. I must admit. I AM terrified of highs. like totally! Mia on the other hand, was one brave girl, not fretting one bit. Its her mummy yang over.heh. Yazid, was asleep at the time we board the skyway cable car, so he had a nice nap on our way up.

Weather couldn’t be better. It was foggy..and cooling, which is just splendid!(thats the whole point of going up there pun).Tho’ I was abit worried if its gonna rain but it didnt. phew. Upon arriving there, I couldnt wait to take rides with Mia. And as if she knew, she’s been one very happy tots. Giggling and running around the open space. Yazid was a champ too. He’s such a good boy, very cooperative with his mama as Jazlan, couldnt join our fun rides as he had class to attend to, but later in the evening he tag along.

One can expect food ‘up there’ are just pricey. We didn’t pack up any food (read:tak sempat), so had our lunch at this MB restaurant chain. Boleh lah.But cannot compete with the famous KFC. I think its the weather also that makes us all go hungry very fast and it didnt help everywhere we go there’s always a small food stall along the side walks.

We then continue with the outdoor rides, taking the carousel. Mia was so reluctant to ride on the horse, she much prefer to sit on a rooster.adoi. Yazid was such a sport.Smilling away. So cute! As for Hubs, well he’s busy snapping pictures for the memories. Of all, the highlights of the day, would be the kids playing at the playground. Just looking at their facial expression, can tell how they enjoyed it tremendously!!Hetz and I too had ‘fun’ running after them too!

By two 30ish, the kids are looking tired and exhausted. And guess what. We decided ….once again, to catch a movie!!!hahahaha. And as if we were struck with ‘lucky star’, we manage to catch the 2.45 Kungfu Panda show. Just what we (the parents) badly wanted to watch it. Few minutes into the cinema (oh wait, mia dah dooze off pun, cept for Yazid), the kids quietly took their nap, while we watch the movie at peace.

BUT!!!! aiyaaa..i must must must mention this. There’s this one very very annoying kid (roughly 9y.o) who sat exactly behind hetz & myself happily yapping away about the movie! telling her mommy what’s gonna happen next after next after next loud and clear. I was very patient for the first half an hour, until i think i had had it. I was *this* close into screaming to the kid, until hetz asked me to calm down (thx babe!hehe).gawd spoil betul hokay.( well err i actually kinda did, not scream lah..just a lil’ sacarsm and did the devil’s stare).don’t knw whether the mother or the kid even realise or not.i know it’s a public cinema, but come ON, giving spoilers during the movie are really unbecoming OK!

After the movie, we had a quick drink and rest before heading back to the apartment. The fun didnt end there. Back apartment, the kids are fully energize, and next thing we know, both of ’em are chasing each other and play games only they understand. By midnite, we are zonk out.

Next morning, we had a very hearty buffet bfast at the Awana hotel. Funny thing is, we seriously stuff ourself ..until the bfast time is over! we ate and ate and ate, making sure it was a worth paid buffet.(ok that sound so gelojoh didnt i? haha oh well).

All in all, we had a great time with the kids, family and friends. Totally a must repeat trip!more of for the kids rather than for us la. 😉

There’s tons of pictures taken, but..i’ll leave it the rest to Hubs to upload it. toodles!


14 thoughts on “To the Highland

  1. funny kan… we were up there to last weekend.. tapi tak terjumpa langsung hahah.. well, org ramai la kot, but hey how come i tak perasan the cute lil’ mia 🙂

    nway, still envy both of u boleh watch movie with ur kids… heee kena try jugakkkkk

  2. Sounds fun! Bestnya play @ playground in cool weather.. must try when Amir can walk properly. Btw, kungfu panda, had similar experience.. i thk kids should be banned from watching same movie twice at a public cinema ..

  3. rudy: hahah.. oh normal tu.

    nerr: mia “aiyaa no need to ask mummy la.she die-die also dont wan.she said,dont u remember… her shaky momment??!?!” hehehe

    nikmummy:omgawd u too??! itu lah dia. tention kan!

  4. aeyya:u ni ..buat lawak ke apa.hahaha i bought the top!and no, the headband is not handmade.but its mine tho’..rimas tgk mia’s unruly curls,so decided to wear it on her. alar dear, our group holiday just ard the corner pun kan. 🙂

    hetz:my pleasure. it wouldnt be fun w/o u guys too.

    newrin:oh u did? weather was great kan!

  5. Last time I went to genting boyot so unable to ride all the thrill ones. I sooo wanna go again. imagine.. OH takes LO on pansy rides while mommy goes on cool rides haha!!

  6. nadia:well hetz overheard the mom asked her kid to ‘shh shh’..but i guess, it wasn’t that good enough.hmmmph.

    babyripp:muahahah yeah tat’ll b totally cool. but,sure sanggup nye ur OH to take those kiddy rides for her girl 🙂

    Fabmama: 🙂

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