just another day

this is a belated entry,written last friday.

i miss catching up with my hobby (again office’s work has taken a toll on me). so, when i got my paid leave yesterday (cuti ganti agong’s bday given by my co.) , i make full use of it.

i decided to make a dress for my girl. this time for real.my first attempt with pillowcase dress doesn’t count lah, coz ..err it was just plain fugly! very kecian looking hokay. im glad to say, i’m pretty satisfied the output this time round.

i was extra rajin, so i sew a matching headband for her as well. waddaya think?

mia lookin oh so happy,carryin her doll alongside with her waterbottle.


22 thoughts on “just another day

  1. gosh!thanks for the compliments guy.appreciate it so much! 🙂

    Fabmama & newrin: aww thats great ur inspired too. i was just like u too, inspired then .. belasah try.its pretty fun.kinda take my mind off frm my stressful workload.

    Aida:err…actually ah,i paksa her kaw kaw (teruk kan! i knw) and put on clips so that tak lari her headband. BUT, not for long also… afterwhile,she still take if off.haih!

    aeyya:perli i ke ni farah?!! hahaha ..but do come over lah my hse to test2 the machine if u feel like it.

  2. BabyBooned: ok la this time round as compared to my first try. like u said, lotsa practice makes lotsa improvement.

    shida: ehmm..don’t wanna sound too ambitious.but see la how. 🙂 kain nye byk lagik nih.

  3. hey…mana ade i perli
    i puji Ikhlas ok..yerp yerp im surely will come over
    ur place and do 1 simple project under ur supervision k?
    jom set the date and time?

    or we can try BEADING coz i ade buy buku on how to beadssss

  4. ira…that is soooooooooo cool !!! and mia as always..SWEET as ever…!!!! dia mcm tau jek mummy dia buatkan the tops..the way she smiles as if she was telling the whole world that ” My MUMMY MADE THESE !!! “…cool !!!!

  5. nadia:thanks nadia. am gonna do it for fun first and own satisfaction. if so, got ppl wanna buy meh? hahaha

    leen:oh wow! ur so analytical. 🙂 thx.

    aeyya:huiyoo dah bli buku tuh.hehehe…ok2,nanti we set date/time yah.

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