The One with the Mole

Earlier today, I met up with some old friends of mine. By old friends i mean, back when we were in standard 6! It feels like ages man. There were three of us. Two girls, a guy and a pizza place. Nah!!Kopitiam more like it πŸ˜‰ The three of us met way back during an english course, where our parents sign us up during school holidays. I remembered being close to ’em, but can’t remember the details. However, back then since I(my parents) moved quite alot, we kinda lost contact.

Fast forward, they decided to track me the ‘old fashion ‘ way via google, and the top search result was…. none other my wedding pictures. What really makes them so sure that was me alright, was the mole on my face. haha. funny! but true.

Honestly, most of my friends, old or new would definitely remember me frm the mole. It is so significant that one can identify me easily. Even if I’ve change alot over the years, but the mole will give it away. Now, I have very selective memory and onceawhile I do bump with friends I thought I knew. But sometimes I dare not tegur reasonbeing, 1) i might get the person name’s wrong or sometimes evenworse, can’t recall any name at all 2) i might not remember from where i know the person was. FYI, I’ve been to two diff. elementary schools, three high schools and have been living in 5 different states for the past oh! 20yrs (until im settle here in kl w/ my own la familia). So, can’t blame me yO! ;P


On another note, for the second time round we caught PRTM (that’s p/ramlee the musical for u). Hmm, my comment? Well, somehow i prefer the first one tho’. BUT as for the new p/ramlee actor, I must say he’s pretty good!! Lakonan dia believable lah, just like the REAL p.ramlee. We, or rather I manage to take picture with Liza Hanim (the Saloma) je. The rest, well Musley Ramlee was busy on the phone masatu. Ohwell. Nevertheless, it was still a great show. O ya! the big boss, Tiara & fam was around too. Just a few row away from us.:)


with liza hanim.darn she change her outfit d! btw errr..notice my left moley!

xxx and tomorow,9 june ..Mia will be exactly 3 months shy frm turning two. will there be any bday celebration? havent think bout it yet, since it falls on a fasting month. so, we’ll see lah how.


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