Its Sunday nite already and im’ma so not lookin fwd tommorow (Monday). Time sure flies when we’re having fun uh. But hey, its June! New month, new spirit! 🙂


As i was saying (in my previous post), I had a great day yesterday and as well as today.

Its so happen yesterday both hetty and myself had nothing plan for the day, so we decided to hang out together with our kids. Both of our husbands are busy with their personal work, so leaving us ladies to our own devices. After exchanging few smses, and decided a place to hang out, quickly i got myself & mia ready and head out picking up hetty and her boy, yazid.

Parking was still ample, so that was a good start. First thing first, we had our lunch. Hetty had her pan mee and a yummylicious rojak buah, while I had bland nasi putih with lambchop (what a menu uh) together with durian cendol. The kids ate pretty much what we’re having. Then we proceeded to jalan- jalan lor. It would’t be an mak-mak outing without having a look at kids stuff/toys.

The momment we were at toys section, boy were both of ’em such happy tots! Kids being kids, they wouldn’t budge one bit without leaving at least a toy. Well, actually that only apply to Mia! Yazid was such a darl, duduk diam-diam je in his stroller.Hetz saw the vacuum toy and was contemplating whether to get one for Yazid, until i presuaded her to just buy one lah! haha..Mia on the other hand got herself a baby doll, complete with a milk bottle to go. And get this! the doll can burp too!hahahaha

After awhile, suddenly I got a mild headache (this i believe was due to lambat makan/angin), so we went for a break at Starbucks. We chatted for awhile, and I felt slightly better, then suddenly, we thought of watching a movie! Now, this is because Starbucks happen to be situated right in front of GSC. And truthfully both of us are DYING to watch IronMan, eversince the rave ppl are saying it’s a great movie and all. So long story short, we went ahead to buy the tickets. I must add, we were in luck that we manage to get a seat! at the very last minute(front row, but nebermind that) and also, both kids are lookin pretty tired ( close to their napping time), so pretty much makes us decided to just GO AHEAD with the plan.heh.

Lets just say, we SURVIVE watching the movie without much hassle from our kids!!Few minutes into the cinema, Yazid and Mia doze off.Hurrah! And the movie? Well, betul lah BEST!!!! 😉 That was really the highlight of the day. Now, our husbands are green with envy they haven’t gotten to watch IronMan yet.hehe

Oh, how i just love impromptu plan, coz it never fails to work on me. 🙂 Ok prolly we got into great timing too.


And today, it was the husband turns to take care of the kids. This time, I went out with another dear friend of mine, Leen.We did our thang, while the husband did theirs too. Two hours later, they pick us up, and we’re both knacked from shopping! We actually did our kain raya shopping, so u can imagine the place we went. Time is ticking for me to send to my tailor, so that’s why. And no, i do not wish to sew my own baju raya, am not that ambitious lah. ;P plus, the kain cost a bomb, so wouldnt wanna screw that up!


Man, it’s getting Very very late. now, this is what happen when all 3 of us had a long evening nap. ;P dah dah.

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  1. you went to the cinema?! I can’t even imagine taking the LO there.. for now I guess we’re pretty contented with watching belated movies at home. Really? It’s do-able?

  2. Liz: i couldnt believe we ACTUALLY did that too..haha,kalo melalak then that’ll be a whole new story alltogether of coz. tgk kat umah ok jugak wat, lotsa privacy and bley pause-rewind-fwd 🙂 btw liz, i wanted to leave comment at ur blog,but cant.must be member jugak ke?

    newrin: for now 1anak can do lah, i dont know if its possible should i have 2kids or more. 🙂 but it was totally worth trying and see how it goes.

  3. It’s always fun with impromptu kinda thing huh. No expectations, no shopping list, no HUSBAND!! hahahaha. Its a sign, the kids are grown up. Can just make do with anything and they’ll be able to adjust, kan?

  4. wahhhh! tgk iron-man…me n izzi took danish to see indy jones since iron man fully-book (2 days we tried to get d ticket)..and hoo booyyy..he loves it! he behaving very well the 2 hours the movies was showing..boleh bawak lagik nanti! hehehehe

  5. what a surprise. (?)

    ira, i read your blog from the day i read lana’s blog. teeeeheee….. 😉
    tapi tak pernah leave any comment… *boo to me*
    since i’m leaving you a comment now, meh nak ckp sikit….. i like the blog title MIA. i lurveeeee all your jahit-menjahit stuff ( i wish i can sew huhu..)…. and really impressed with all the pics (you &) your hubby took of mia…& pandai lahh mia boleh identify & say all her body parts!!

    how’s that for a summary of a few months reading your blog. hehe. 😀

  6. mama shmontel:awww really?! that is so sweet of you summarizing all. thank you for breaking the silence.and glad u like mine, coz i like urs too!! oh so shmontel is ur daughter’s manja name la uh.i see.that’s cute 🙂

    ira sr:hey thats good to know!

  7. We went to watch Ironman with baby also, tapi malam lah so he did not meragam at all. Hmm … maybe I should try to bring baby waktu siang pulak, kot2 lah ok boleh la buat selalu hahahahaha

  8. la i just realise i didnt reply to both of u

    mira: sempat lagi nak tgk,still showing.go go!can drop emir at myplace if u guys wanna go dating2 🙂

    liz: aa okeh..nampak dah!

  9. Fabmama:hah i just read that entry of urs.not to ur liking uh IronMan? hehe.. i haven’t tried night shows,probably can give it a try too. thx for d idea .oh! and welcome back home 🙂

    lana: yeah she’s a big girl now, and her nap time moreless can know lah. we (ted & i) did once brought mia to cinema when she was way younger, but that didn’t quite work out.heh

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