my very own msdreamy ;P

err..eatin her mcnudgget frm that famous fastfood rest. teehee. mummy too tired to cook lah these past few days.

some interesting facts and highlights about my girl-

  • she’s not afraid of the dark. she can play on her own in dark rooms for quite awhile, until i have to drag her out to play in front of me ( well, actually not wanting her to make MORE mess in the room.)
  • of late, love pretending to play masak-masak with My pots and pans and senduk. haih what a real girlish girl betul.
  • has recently ‘dip-in’ her barney into the toilet bowl (while under her daddy’s supervision, go figure)
  • i caught her despreately wanting to change & wipe her barney ‘shame-shame’ and wear ’em diaper!haha
  • her hair is getting longer (which is great) , and also getting curlier too.
  • oh! great at pretending crying out loud get our attention or sympathy!more like crocodile tears ppfftt.
  • love checking the fridge, as in the momment she saw me opening it, she’ll come running and screaming demanding me to leave the fridge door open just for her. for heaven sake she’ll take such a long time inspecting the fridge!goodgawd!

i had a great day Today with a dear friend. worth telling. but later. šŸ˜‰ nite!


8 thoughts on “my very own msdreamy ;P

  1. No.1, 6 & 7 applies to my son too. Also, sometimes he likes to pretend that he is cooking too, probably because he saw me cook everyday and thus try to imitate. Hmmm, I hope he turns out to be as good as Jamie Oliver someday! Hehe!

  2. Fabmama:kids are like dat kan..great imitator! and yeah,if he happen to be the next J.O dun forget to treat me (or mia)!hahaha

    Ibu Emir:hahaha oh yeah,thats for sure! mira, bulan 8 i ada invitation to you & family.will inform u ’bout it šŸ™‚

  3. BabyBooned:omgawd thats what we did too! lantak dia je,coz we know she’s not crying sebab sakit, so thats fine. hehe

    nerr: are u still afraid of the dark nerr? ;P

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