here’s my second attempt in making a pouch. It’s slightly bigger than the first one.I’m using it as a place where i put my small organizer book with my fav.pen together with my card wallet.

my old keychain decided to ….putus, so i decided to make a new keychain for the housekeys. i would say one of the easiers craft. will link up the tutorial.get the tutorial here.

and lastly, a bib. this is not just a bib, it comes with a lil’ special feature 🙂 . when going out, i always bring along her spoon set but i hardly brought along her bib. so, for me not to ever forget to bring her bib along, i created this bib, where at the back of it, i sew a partition to place both spoon and fork. that way, hopefully i won’t forget to bring both the bib & her utensil set.and once done, i can roll it up,and tuck back in my bag. cool uh.oh,this idea i cilok it from somewhr.will definately link it up, for other enthusiastic sewer.Updated:Here’s the link!

im not ashamed to admit my sewing skills still sucks big time, as u can see pictures below. the hideous edging kan!

so basically, thats pretty much my May sewing project. the rest of the stuff, can view at my flickr.must make use mah my pro account. 🙂


24 thoughts on “meow!

  1. hideous??! weiii no lah!! at least ure sticking to it and i’m sure u’ll be a pro before u know it! and ure definitely doing a lot better than us yg berangan agan nak menjahit tapi tak jadi jadi! huheuheuhueehu

  2. BabyBooned:alar you’re too kind lah. *blush blush*

    Ibu Emir: yeah i love this printed cat design too. i still need lotsa practicing to do.and thanks mira.

    shida:kakakak.. ni apa kes nama pun dah ‘siam’, rindu ke? 😛 aiyahh, order kebenda nye? product tuk kegunaan sendirian berhad, malu siot nak jual kat orang.

    tina: it’s the thing i look fwd back home after the shitlots at work, haha if u know what i mean ;P

  3. i LOVE the bib idea!!! great idea la babe…

    u guys sure can save a lot on presents la.. u should start making stuff for presents instead of buying babe.. handmade things have more value that bought stuff!

    and yeah, i think u can start selling too. i’d buy the bib anytime! cantik!!

  4. Fabmama: i’ll see what i can do ya 🙂

    leen: tortoise babe? that’ll be cute too. ada ke kain nye? if i find i let u know/or u let me know k.

    rudy:ye rudy.meow!!

  5. hetz:haha thanks.nak ke yazid pakai cats pattern?

    kiddo’s mom:actually aa i wanted to make something for ayra’s birthday the othr day, but i was afraid it turns out ugly.i’ll try to find time again to make bib for u guys k

    yatie:thanks dear!

    snazzynsuch:you’re my inspiration! 🙂 tq.

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