New stunt

My young girl here decided to surprise me with a lil’ stunt just a while ago. Finally she managed to climb up our dining chair. I knew it sooner or later she’ll master that. She was trying to reach her sippy cup on our kitchen top. And boy was she one very determine young lady! I didn’t stop her right there and then, just observing how far she can go. claw her fingers on the chair, climb up, pushing her upper body and feet up and tada..happily siting on the chair,then proceed standing pulak!

Luckly I was fully aware of her whereabouts (eventho’ i was actually half watching tv & half browsing the net behind her back). Guess its true, every mothers has a third eye behind our head hehe. Glad she didn’t fell, but as precaution the chair need to be lay down lah lepas nih.Hubby take note!

Not sure I have mention this before or not, but again she has a thang with shoes. Her shoes, my shoes, husband shoes. She’ll try on any shoes she can reach it and try to walk with it, with that sheepish smile of hers like she’s done nothing wrong, walking about with IN our house. Nevermind I still think its cute of her antics, but please dear … not until our room!!grrr

On a second note, honestly there’s way to many times strangers and sometimes friends asking me how old is my daughter, and i’ll be trying hard to count her age in months! Aiya whats up with me??! Of course if you ask me now, she’s setahun lapan bulan to be exact.But who cares! She’s 1plus! Nuff said. I don’t recall my mother introducing us by months when we were young tots (or did she? i doubt it!haha) . For sure am gonna stop using months age after she’s reaching two.Lazy mom!hahaha


I’ve been neglecting my flickr for awhile.sheesh.It’s on pro account and i havent update pictures of my girl religiously as i once wish i would. Self mental note- Must make time & effort to upload pictures!must!must!must!

I’ve taken pictures of my latest sewing project, will reveal it later lah yah. Goodnite.


8 thoughts on “New stunt

  1. hetz:i know,else wasted aje bayar kan.will do 😉

    tinn tinn: soon!soon!pwoomise!

    mira: oh yeah,i can totally tell she’s enjoyin every momment making her mommy running/screaming after her. hehe

    nadia: i llike that term ‘sakit jantung’.Memang pun!

  2. haaa i agree with you, we kindda hv 3rd eyes wth us. seriously after few experience sharing with many mothers, we always encounters our kids’ act at the very last minutes, either sikit lagi nak jatuh or they gonna go higher from where they are…

    the worse part, masa kita kantoikan diorg sure rasa mcm jantung sudah pecah..

  3. hahahahah mia and gib boleh kamcing over their obsession with kasut!! takpe jugak mia tu girl…. ok at least i hope gib will be the next dato’ jimmy choo…?? huhuhuuuuuu

    by the way, i pun tergagap kira gib’s age in months! like H’s aunt always says.. “Forgerritttt laaa”…

  4. newrin:kantoi ..lepastu,ada hati sengih2 pulak tu kan. 🙂

    BabyBooned:hahaha i would believe they would get along well in that ‘shoe fetish’ dept. ;P

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