Sometimes,It’s the Little Thing

I haven’t told you how I celebrated mother’s day, have i? Well, to tell the truth I didn’t quite expect anything at all from the husband. Not that we celebrated the first one, as I couldn’t even remember as to why. Ok, maybe I secretly wish a treat to dinner but nothing more. However, two days before m-day, my guy surprises me, informing he made a spa appointment for me, worth 2 hours long! And just as I was about to say “yeekee..?” he handed a self made spa voucher, courtesy of mia and himself.

I was so touch with his move. like totally hokay hun! Even if there wasn’t any celebration or gifts am just glad if the day spend with them both. (and of course a day without doing any housechores and cooking heh.)

The masseuse was great! The massage was even better! Had my badan urut and facial done. And that really Really made me a happy wife & mommy. Up until now, I can still smell the rosewood oil on my skin. This is even after I had washed my hair twice!

Mia on the other hand, has been one happy tot who enjoys her toddlerhood so much so, that nowdays she only sleeps, if she’s really really exhausted. I wonder where she gets the energy so much. It’s the age I guess uh. Well, glad the husband can cope up with her while I was away. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Sometimes,It’s the Little Thing

  1. syok nya dpt massage! i need one too..huhuhu.. eh anyway lupa nk tanya where’s the fish spa thingy uve mentioned be4? is it the one at OU? or if not mistaken, another one is at the gardens/midval? ker hubs recommends me to do it, tapi mcm errmm i think i rather opt for body massage! huehue..

  2. mrs zyi: yes do go for body massage la better!! fish spa tu tade apa sgt lah,takat 30min for rm38 and the fish will nibble your feet,eat your deadskins. there’s 2 place that i know, satu dekat pavillion, another one at midvalley.

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