Going sleeveless

We bought this romper from one of the rejected store here. BUT sadly, it didn’t quite fit nicely on her. The button kept coming off and not only that, it won’t clasp for long. I should have known better. That is why it is rejected in the first place. Anyhow, not wanting to waste it just like that, I do what I’m capable of doing now. Turning this romper into..a sleeveless tee. (great inspiration from Aida).

Here’s the output product. And here’s this cheeky girl who won’t give her mommy even 5 seconds to snap her picture.haih. lari memanjang!

ok, finally one of the nicer shot of her (after like 10shots!!). That’s her pretending talking on the phone using our aircond remote control. If you look closely and you’ll notice the pen marked on her shirt. Mak nye tak sabar to try it on her hehe. It’s a washable fabric marker pen, so no worries there.


13 thoughts on “Going sleeveless

  1. great work babe! u just gave me a brilliant idea. yazid has tonnes of those rompers yg dah takleh pakai, maybe can transform into sleeveless Ts as well :D. but of course im not planning to sew them myself lah. heheh 😉

  2. hetz:eh you jgn lah gi transform all his rompers into sleeveless.save it for his sibling la!! hehehe..i improvise mine coz its totally no good use as a rompers anyway.But if you got urs yg nak ‘alter’..ehem,i can give it a try 🙂

    lana:yes lana,great style for humid weather like here.

    and thanks guys!!

  3. that is great! btw, a tip. tshirt material will not fray (dont know malay word for it) but if u potong n then dont jahit the edging, throw in washing machine, the edging will curl n will noy fray. but if u dont the curl..jahit ler like wat u did..nice job n she is so cute. samer lah kiter. the kids talking on the “phone” with remote..lol

  4. Aida: yeah i get what u mean! coz i actually ‘forgot’ that i didnt sew the rest of the shirt edging and campak masuk dlm w/machine, and wallah!it still turns out OK.no fray.i think the malay word would be berambu? ye ke aa?

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