Cheers to All Mothers

“There’s a lot to being a good mother..

Now that I’m a parent, I know how much people worry about

whether they’re doing the right thingsfor their kids

It’s not an easy job, But I’ve had one great advantage..

watching YOU!”

-a card I got it for my mother.

and i made this pouch for her as well. actually this is mine, hers was slightly different as I add a ‘love’ applique to it. since i forgot to snap hers, well i took mine instead. lebih kurang sama je. 🙂

To all my mommyhood friends here’s wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day !


7 thoughts on “Cheers to All Mothers

  1. nice pouch!
    and i love what the card says. how come i didnt come across something like that when i was looking for one for my mum.. hehe :p
    happy belated mum’s day babe 😉

  2. oh hetty, i bought it at a bookshop. btw great to know u had a wonderful m-day 🙂

    BabyBooned:bb!!thx for dropping by! glad everything is a ok for u.~hugs

    leen:and how was ur mother’s day celebration my dear ?

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