the machine

tina, here’s a sneek peek of my new machine. more pictures at ted’s blog. he too got himself a new toy to play with.sucker!

6 thoughts on “the machine

  1. wuuuaahhhh….. I saw @ted’s blog. So nice. Sigh… dunno when I can get one myself… have to find ways to retire the old one first ya! hehehe. Then baru ada excuse to get a new one.

  2. seriously ira, u change my perception abou sewing… its cool!! i always rasa macam jahit2 ni keje org dulu2 haha n never occurs in my mind that u can do a lot of cool stuffs with ur own style.. selama ni i knw tempah or beli jer yg dh siap in the market

    haaaa maybe for a start i can sew hani’s baju kurung (susah tak jahit baju ira??)

  3. newrin:i did? well thanks. you should give it a try.manatau,ntah ntah even better sewer than me. baju kurung aa? errr i would say, i still need guidance frm my teacher frm time to time hehe. tho’ she already provided me with the cut-out pattern.that helps alot. i’ve yet to try sewing mia’s kurung.

    fara:didn’t you click at her nick babe? oh well, its . Tini,another student for ya!! 🙂

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