May 6th

6 days into May already? woah.

Getting better at playing on her own.Tho’ we do need to once in awhile have a peek what she’s up to. I have no idea how tall this young girl is, but she sure can reach out things our kitchen top (very dangerous i must say!), my makeup table and of course, her fav, the tv rack. To add, she’s a great imitator of us, for example chatting on the phone. It’s hillarious! Pretending talking to someone on the other line, while flipping thru’ the magazine. Soon, she’ll be 20 month old,that’s for you my non mommy friends is a year and 8month old ( 4month before turning TWO!yikes!) .


as working mother and wife
A pregnant friend asked me the other day, how do I cope as with the housechores, taking care of mia and being a wife? Not easy, but I just do it. And of course, seek help from the husband when possible, since i’m maidless! After all, they are our partner in life, so it should be a ‘we’ in everything, comes the housechores/baby caring/marriage and what nots rather than ‘i’.oh!and lotsa multitasking..and try not to be a superwoman.


fish spa
Had my very first experience with this fish spa over the weekends.not bad.felt ticklish (and freakout too i might add) the momment I deep in my feet. Should I try it again? Maybe, if i have an extra rm38 for it. OH if you’re wondering what it is all about? Well, seems like the fish nibble away your scaly and dead skin, leaving your skin smooth and glowing..


I know this might sound cliche, but ever since i’m a mother (nevermind still with one kid), my emotions and heart easily felt warm and fuzzy upon watching shows like Brothers&Sisters. My bad (good?) I’m done watching season 2 of the show. And i must say, the show are getting better and so does the scripts! If you’re a great fan of the show, you know how worry-wart Nora (the mother) is handling everything and everyone in the family. Yes, it can a wee bit anonying watching her nosiness and being a strong headed lady, but there’s this one part she said it so well to her kids that i had tears gusshing down like mad! “….”(i get back this part!i forgot what was it)

Now, watching drama like this, makes me wanna have more kids and have that closeness,happiness and tightness in a family. Nevermind there’s the struggle and sadness, but that’s what make this whole thing seems real.

But my fav character of all,….. is Kevin! He’s one funny and sarcastic fella.wicked! šŸ™‚

Mother’s day is just around the corner. Just a hallmark card for mommy dearest,for now. I do wanna sew up something handmade. Will think of something. Any suggestions? Oh wait, maybe a whole set B&S dvd perhaps uh. She did mention she loves the show too, but havent got the time to watch it. mm perhaps perhaps.


8 thoughts on “May 6th

  1. ouhh.. i LOVE B&S too, because of the same reasons too (very dramatic family eh they all?)! Nora’s character is very real doncha think? and i love the fact that she worries endlessly but she stuck by her family no matter what.

    a hand made gift is the best. i’m not so good with suggestions, but a coin purse, maybe? or a make up bag?

  2. nye you dah beli wn machine, i have 1 at home but don’t really like to use…hence became my hubby’s toy- he sew curtain for our house (not bad kan my hubby)

    thinking when my kids grown up then i can get one if not sure byk tgn la..

    anyway.. u rite try not to be superwoman…i always close one eye kalau rumah bersepah…

  3. yatie:waaa husband yg sew curtain? terer nye!! save lotsa $$ frm tempah then.hehe

    anne:isnt it! best kan.think i can layan over and over again.who’s your fav.?

    tin tin:errr….d/load version.boleh2 šŸ™‚

  4. my favourite is also kevin (trust the g.a.y. fella to be the fun one lah kan?). but i cannot watch too many episodes at a time, very emo lah the show. hahaha
    i thk the handmade thingy for ur mom would be nice. i’m sure she’d appreciate the gesture. =)

  5. that’s what i’ve been doing over the weekends,marathon-ing B&S, and end up with puffy eyes! hahaha.. handmade la uh? yeah,i better think (and sew) fast before D day.

  6. I am so jealous that you know how to sew – I’ve been wanting to take classes when we were in Msia but now that we’re here .. taktaulah mana nak belajar. I guess I just have to buy the machine first and just trial and error? Any advice?

  7. Some good brand sewing machine (like Janome),do come with a free-sewing class with great projects to boot! I don’t know over there mcm mana,but probably you can ask around ke? trial and error ok jugak,coz in www there’s tons of online tutorial!youtube,flickr to name few.

    im jealous ur great with baking!!balik nanti bake a cake for me bley?!!!hehe šŸ˜‰

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