the sewing project

I’ve been meaning to update my sewing project from time to time, but i procastinate way to many times! anyhow,here’s an update!

Baju Kurung

Basically about 90% this kurung of mine are done at my sewing teacher’s place, last two month ago (gawd!). However, just last last week I’ve manage to finish up the remainding bits the last time my sewing teacher left me.but i gotta admit it,im just too darn lazy to sew the beads at the neckline.forgive me tin tin! šŸ˜‰ (pic coming!)

Old Jeans into Skirt

the sewing machine came in just in time, so it makes my whole life easier! done sewing ’em into fact,it turns out to be one micro mini skirt for me! of course, only to be worn at home.

Elephant Doll

Found the tutorial here. btw it is made out of socks. Great uh! The husband has a pair which he’s not wearing ’em anymore but still in good condition. So why not turn it into something crafty. I wouldnt say its a success, because if looks closely, the head and its trunk (way too long) kinda cacat abit la.hahahah oh well.


Was very semangat to do this right after I was done with the sock elephant toy. The easiers i would say. Just cut the shape of the clip, sew it and glue up lil’butterfly on top. Finish it one very late nite.

Tissue Holder

Actually this was among the first thing I did. Look thru my sewing bookmark tutorial, and found a simple to-sew tissue holder.Head on over here. Tho’ mine again,was not that perfect, mom commented it was quite big (gotta agree!) to include tissues in there.Nevermind, do it again.Practice pratice practivce!

Mia’s Applique

And finally, last Monday I finished doing this applique on a plain tees bought it some time ago. The cutting letters M I A quite ok-la, but the sewing part, pretty pain in the ass lah! Im not gonna post a close up, simply because its hideous like Seriously! So for now a blurry and far pics aje lah ye. šŸ™‚ oh ya,a white tees on a toddler doesnt last clean for long. you’ve guess it, she makan berterabur, so thats it!

I’m having so much fun so far with this sewing thingy. Now if only my child would cooperate with her mommy more! less whiny perhaps dear. I won’t promise, but Im gonna try my very best to compile each month my sewing project just for my own benefits.


10 thoughts on “the sewing project

  1. oh btw, if u can find the book sock and glove by this japanese girl, lupa what is her name. its $11.95 here, carik kat kinokuniya, that is a very good book for sock animals.

  2. thanks peeps!

    nikmummy:you gotta be kidding me!im so far away frm sewing a baju melayu la dear,baju kurung pun tak pass lagik. šŸ˜‰ i buy bj melayu nanti la for your cutie pie k!

    Aida:halrite,will look for it!thanks!

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