where is…?

vid taken on sunday 13th April,at the pavilion kl.
hairdo inspired by Ayra,the Boo.


17 thoughts on “where is…?

  1. comelnye mia.. dah pandai & kenal parts of her body..may i ask since when u ajar her eh?

    this just straight kena my face sbb this morning SIL tanya kiteorg eh dah start ajar iman where’s her nose? eyes? ears? etc.? hehehe we all selamber..blumm..

  2. coops:hi there!thanks for the visit 🙂

    tina: haha very hard aa to keep this girl still to tied up her hair!! alar, thats ok tina,its never to late to teach Jon 🙂

    fab mama & bobot: yeah sometimes i pun nk “pengsan” with her telatah!!

  3. mrs. zyi: aaa don’t feel bad.i can’t remember when exactly we taught her,but it was a spontaneous kinda thing we taught her, by using ‘show and tell’ method. do give it try with iman! you’ll be surprise kids (and babies too) learn pretty fast at this age.

  4. Ya Allah! Pandainya Mia! Aunty gigit karang. We miss you kiddo. What say you come teman Aunty and Natasha grab some McDodo some time. But m sure ur mommy wont let u eat fast food. We’ll do it hush hush yeah? Ehehe. Hugs & kisses lil’one!

  5. Irra, i’ve been a silent reader for quite some time now… but looking at this video, tak tahan… kena comment jugak.. Mia is super duper adorable kuasa 3… sgt chomel…

  6. wow. that is great. my Ava degil giler, sorry ler she want to even sit properly for 1 second..too busy. i dok ajar body parts for 2 months but so far, she is not interested…maybe 1 more month..

  7. hetz:too bad your office block it uh.

    afti:yes dear!lets hang out…miss ur lil’ munchkin.sure dah tinggi like her father.and NO lah i don’t forbit her frm fries,in fact she loves it!! hugs & kisses to natasha too.

  8. Salam ira, comelnye mia!
    Tadi terbaca pasal isomil yg mia x suke minum… i need it urgently! call/email me if it is still available… I nak beli dgn harga murah2 je 😀 (utk 1 thn ke atas kan?!)

    Ok daa – fara 0123459450

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