i’m dying to own a sewing machine. i have bookmarked quite alot of online tutorial.by far i manage to sew by hand, which sometimes kinda sucks. anyways, here’s what im dying to finish it up! turning an old(tight) jeans into a skirt.


9 thoughts on “Unfinish

  1. u are soooooooo seriously in need of a sewing machine…this transformation requires high resistance needle..sbb kain jeans keras a bit kan..takkan u jahit tangan ira…powerlah u !!!

  2. Wahhh!! same goes with me. K shida kunun nak transfer bolster case into pants for bibik & the kids. Tp fail la. Tak tau nak jahit although the sewing machine is here since the past 4 years!! bravo ira! Complete it , then post the outcome ye

  3. i second cikonets. benang nak jahit jeans dah la a bit thicker than benang biasa. persevering betul šŸ™‚ takpe as long as you enjoy doing it, šŸ˜€ i wish you luck. nanti dah siap letak la sini.. boleh tengok.

  4. omg.. siannya…
    come to my house la.. use my sewing machine…
    kalo jeans u sew by hand nanti nampak.. won’t look nice.. and nak cocok kain yg tebal tuh… bole melecet tangan keh…..
    i tot you going to look for singer?

  5. tinn:yupp yupp it will look hideous kan. yes yes i am plannin to get ‘the machine’,husband sudah kasi green light.

    leen & laydiefa:hehe..i know.that’s why i stop halfway and pin it-up the rest of it,.now waiting for the arrival of the sewing machine to complete it. šŸ™‚

    k/shida:saper punya sewing machine tu? alar,k/shida pandai baking!talented dah tuh. šŸ™‚

  6. ho ho ira.. tu dah dpt green light & project sponsor … apa lagi, sambar satu dulu..
    hhehe..kak shida punya tu present 2nd anniversary .. haha..tp duduk bwh katil la..

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