One year,7month Old Mia

She’s a real champ lah my girl. Sudah pandai merajuk I tell you. And when she does, she’ll turn away, and face the wall (from facing us)! Hadoi drama betol! Can someone tell me, is this a girl thing? or is it a phase? Trust me, we didn’t teach her that. At times, we do pujuk her back BUT only if we felt really Really kecian, other times, well.. we just left her sulking and practically ignored her whinning. Of course, we do our very best to reason-out with her first, paham ke idak i don’t know la ,but i believe she DOES get it, because after awhile, she did calm down and back to her chirpy self. haih.

Her first fav.thing Must do (after us coming back frm work), is begging us to play her round of ‘the purple dino’ cd. I have nothing against this creature, cept’ yeah it can be a wee bit annoying,when it is over indulge. Oh well, since that’s what she’s being expose to at the daycare, I suppose it won’t hurt to just let her watch it. Besides, the dino and his friends converse in good english, I don’t mind at all. The best part is, she can actually concentrate watching it for a good half an hour. Not only that, she seems to comprehend with the show, and we caught her clapping and singing and swinging by herself. She even asked us to participate with the ‘clap clap cross’.Too funny I tell ya.

Ever since she was born, we’ve been buying books for her.I’m glad to say, my daughther has begin to show interest with books. She’ll instantly pick up books first over toy given choice.I’m happy she loves it, and i hope i won’t jinx it too! Among her favourite story books are ‘The Enormous Turnip’ and ‘The Elves and the Shoe Maker’. Both are actually my favourites too during my younger time, hence the first intro to her too.hehe. Among other book that she loves too are the animal book that has Sam the dog, Reno the rabbit, Milly the mouse. She’ll pint point when asked the object like Ball correctly. Tell me which mother wont be overjoy with small achievement like this!

Shoes. Her feet has grown so much, two pair of her shoes has been wash and kept. To date she now has another 3 pairs still fit nicely. A pair of sandal, sports shoes and walking shoes. Not too much eh? for a year old kiddo doncha think? Oh! Speaking of shoes, she just adore playing with our shoes too!gah! Sukati try-try like dat with my shoes, or the husband shoes to see if the shoe fit.

Just like her parent, she too seems to take pleasure of liking gadgets (or prolly kids these days uh?). Recently, we introduce her using our ipod to watch her barney in the car, and wahey! just like an expert she took the ipod and plug in to her ears.Kelakar!

This kenit of ours has bring so much happiness in both of our lives. I could not think of our live otherwise. We love you Mia.

Update: The husband has finally set up his very own photo blog. Do visit and give support yah at Thanks!


13 thoughts on “One year,7month Old Mia

  1. tinn:hahah..truthfuly,i hardly buy any shoe for myself anymore.its all about her!!

    rudy:aiyah uncle rudy,if you love mia so much,then buy her some gifts lah!:P

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