March is coming to an end soon. And what a month full of bittersweet for me.

Earlier of the month, I had a good kickstart, where I attended my very first sewing class.Which I still owe a post entry about the baju kurung picture and the pillowdress. Will do will do once I’m sort out and free.

Then middle of the month, we went to Terrenganu for a friends wedding.That didn’t start quite well, as we missed out our flight and had to fork out more money to catch another flight,the very next day. Truth to be told, the trip wasn’t all that great, except for the wedding and friends and food. There were this incident where we were stranded for a good 2 hours just waiting to get a taxi ride back to our hotel, and they call Tganu a Bandaraya for what? If public transport is not realiable. OH well, who am i kidding. This is what happen when too much dirty politics happen in a state.

After coming back from the holiday, work has taken a toll on me. And it didnt quite help with the new project I’m involve which is for me, very demanding. As much as i feel i did my very best to take up the challenge (ALONE!), somehow along the way things didnt quite turn out as i expected and hope. And so, i broke down ..and cried. Feeling really helpless, disappointed, guilty and angry too. What’s more embrassing was that I cried in front of my guy boss (first time ever!and never again!), who looked surprised and speechless. He stood or rather sit beside me, trying to understand (i hope) in between my cry and my mumbling bout’ the project.I did mention “i gave up” and wanting to pull-off frm it, which of course, that didn’t happen in reality. Another boss came to ‘talk out’ with me, consoling me to take it easy (which i did,like ignoring the work the whole day/two! just to take my mind off for awhile u see). Ok, enough about work post.

And then, just last week, Friday our next block apartment (store room) was caught on fire! It happened around 10 pm. We were watching the tele, just lazing around, and Mia was still wide awake making a whole lot of mess at home. It started with the electricity cut off. I thought, great! Now everyone can go to bed! But few minutes later, we heard a loud commotion outside. We thought there were some fight going on. Asked the husband to check out (open the window), and that’s when we heard people shouting everyone to evacuate from the apartment as there were fire nearby. I was one panic woman I tell ya! haha!Confius as what to grab,and luckily my handbag was nearby the door. As for ted, he was contemplating between should he take along his laptop or his camera!hehehe. It was our first time encounter such tragedy in real life. Tho’ it wasn’t that serius, but our apartment block was terrible affected by the smoke.We could smell the smoke the momment we step out our apartment. We waited for awhile until the bomba came to the rescue. But, we quickly run off to Bangsar with our neighbour, whom the husband manage to grab his car key!thank gawd. Or else we’ll be waiting for i don’t know how long, with the smoke’s around, which i believe totally not good for mia and us.And oh!that night it was raining somemore!

So April, be kind to me yah! i’ve been through alot this month!!


13 thoughts on “Bittersweet

  1. hi, been a silent reader all this while. tp kali ni trtarik nk comment on this entry. sure u all rasa mcm tragic je abt the fire. i myself x penah ada experience cmtu. if jadi sure x tau what to do.
    nway, i adore ur mia. so adorable n cuteness!!

  2. hi all!
    thx for the heads up for the comin month!
    just so u know,even the very last day of the month,like yesterday… we were on our way back to kl (frm my hometwn ipoh),it took us almost 5 freakin hours (normally 2hours or less)!!! tension gilak…the traffic was terrible!and is NOT even a school holiday(or any holiday for that matter!).

    aiyaa the north-south highway really teruk la these days.

    leen:call gua la babe!
    newrin,kiddo’ mom& Aida: thx guys!
    tinn & hetz:u guys too uh? tak best kan!
    nanoor: hi there! thx for leaving your comments.appreciate it πŸ™‚

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