photo series; mia goes terengganu

series of photos taken during our recent trip to keropokland.
* all pics has been extremely processed

Muka tak mandi; it was 6 in the morning

Among early comers in Subang airport

Shop shop Shop

Amazed by the various tudungs on sale

Mommy in her effort to spend RMs

Ehmm this ain’t Midvalley, hence the muncung face

Checking out mommy’s stuff

Mia lead mommy to the best keropok stall

Having a light moment at dataran syahbandar

Yess, finally i’m in the pic, all these while duk belakang tabir jek

Run mia runnnn

Mia innocently sat on daddy’s stomach

Rubber tapping ?!?

Mia was not impressed at all

See, told ya!

Mommy lak over

Haa kan dah ckp, mommy yg over


14 thoughts on “photo series; mia goes terengganu

  1. mrs zyi:well, in terms stability tu, ok’s a fokker plane btw,so basically smaller and cramp abit la as compare to AA. price wise, i say..abit expensive skit la.tapi, its nearer in town,as in we jsut go to subang airport. well,the choice is yours 🙂

    thx stories2tell!

  2. yeah the pictures are gorgeous as always! but somehow these photo series is my favourite by far coz the pictures caught a really dramatic aura. really macam professional photographer, or even better. and no i’m not kidding!

  3. hi ira,

    thanks for the lovely compliments. but they have loads more i’m already itching to plan for the next trip.

    your name sounds familiar, and after looking at that sewing machine, can i go serkap jarang and guess you were the one that joined tini’s class? 😀

    i’m linking to your blog too okay.

  4. haa mmg ah dedicool kena duk blkg tabir..tgk tuh bila dah duk depan tabir..penuhhhhhhhh plekkk…sian ira and mia terus tenggelam kekekek *pis

    but love all the pics lah !!!!!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous pics! Now I can’t wait to see ’em Lake Garden ones. We were there on Sunday – around 9.30 a.m. like that. Hehe.

    p/s: Ted, it was good seeing you in the pics. Jangan asyik duduk belakang tabir, je. 😉

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