I've been Busy

Been Busy bee. But that didn’t stop me from my newfound hobby, sewing. Wanted to do something like this.

We bought quite a number of plain tees from our local store. And here’s what I’ve come up with.

Gah! Excuse the low quality picture above as it does not do justice (not that it was pretty either, if u look closely, my beads sewing are so senget2), but oh well. Picture was taken using my compact camera, so that’s explain it all. Will ask the husband to snap again.Looking at it back, I should have just leave it without sewing those beads uh. Nampak hideous. I am still in search for a sewing machine (any suggestions where to look?), so I guess I’ll have to sew by hand for now.

Also, I’m done with Mia’s pillowcase dress, thanks to Aida’s pictorial guide. Will upload the finish product later.


8 thoughts on “I've been Busy

  1. yes will ask the kenit to model it.but i must say, the pillowcase i sew, is really buruk ones (im just too afraid to try it on a nicer fabric,takut tak jadi!), which can only be wore at home. 🙂 hehe..

  2. tinn:itu la,shud hv sew ’em beads one by one.thx for d advice!! oh the fabric,got it at a quilt shop @BV.but aaa..i must say,its actually pretty pricey for a secebis kain.


  3. my mom has a Singer sewing machine which is a hundred years old (i’m serious!), handed down by my late grandma. then mom bought me a Singer too because she’s got faith in the company as a sewing machine producer. i haven’t used it myself (mak oiii lajunya machine tu!! it takes a whole lot of practice!), but it looks like it works great! and their services are good too (there’s one service centre in DU that’s been there for 20 yrs).

  4. yeah the quilt shop in BV is very expensive. u can try this shop called Sakura at SS19 subang.. the fat quarters are reasonable… even their cottons also not as expensive as yen’s button ss2.

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