Stop and Stare

I couldn’t believe it. I thought we have plan it out nicely.I though it would never ever happen to us. But it did!

“we miss our flight today!”

And that Shucks BIG Time!It’s not like we’re really really late. It was just 15 minutes away before boarding time ( we could still hear the last call!!gah!). But still the counter guy didn’t allow us, or rather he claimed the captain won’t accept anymore passenger on board.We even gave the guy our sad sad face, with our excuses yada yada yada, but to no avail.

Oh well, tough luck. It took us quite awhile to accept the reality, until we realise to quickly come up with a plan. Few phonecalls to friends, for other alternative/suggestions to get to our destination. Oh by the way, we’re heading to east coast for the husband’s BFF(a friend of mine too) wedding. And the thing is, he promised him to be his wedding photographer. Anddd, the wedding is in the morning!!

Anyhow, long story short, we managed to get hold another low cost flight, tommorow at 7 am. That’s the earliest we could get, and that’s good enough I would say. The rest was fully book.Dah la musim budak cuti sekolah kan.So no surprises there.

So lesson learnt. Let’s try not to repeat it EVER AGAIN. My neighbour was shock upon knowing our house was light up, since earlier we told ’em we’re catching a flight today. Rasa nak tergelak pun ada juga.sigh. Total time and money spend today, cost us few 100ringgits dah. The pergi balik trip really worn us.Well, cept’ for Mia. She seems happy about the whole experience.

Oh well. Off to bed now. Wouldn’t wanna miss out AGAIN on this.Wish us a good trip this time!


9 thoughts on “Stop and Stare

  1. we just got back late last nite.very tiring journey, but luckily my little girl seems to be
    enjoyin it.

    that morning flight we took,betul2 awal kitaorg bangun..hahaha.

    thx for comments guys!

  2. actually mmg saja nk dinner LCCT mlm tu ..
    org cakap McD LCCT lagi best dar bangsar nye
    tu yang kitorang pi LCCT tuu ..

    but true enuf, McD diorang lain aaa ..
    korang better pi try ..

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