I never thought I would go for it. I thought I was so “buta”, that I literally would suck at it too. But, it wasn’t that bad, least to say. I remembered posting this entry way back, wishing that one day, day I can do it.My interest has kick in for sometime,I just need someone to guide me, and teach me the right way to do it. I believe no one is too old to learn new stuff right.I didn’t really tell anyone, well exceptional for few good friends. I’m not surprise, if some friends will be shock to know about it.So guys, don’t laugh ok.

What inspired me more, was to see cute handmade stuff here in etsy. And not only that, upon finding out there’s so much online sewing tutorial making cute pouch bag, tote, crayon holder and dreaming one day I sew one for my kids.And I gotta thanked to Aida.She’s one talented lady, who is a mother herself, with 2 kids below 2 (w/o any helper), and still manages her time for her hobby. She inspired me in so many ways.

And so, I attended my first sewing class last weekend, leaving the husband to babysit Mia on both days. I’m happy that I did. In fact, I’m planning to get my very own sewing machine!! It is still a long way to go for me, but I’m taking baby steps.Will tell more about the class, but now I need get to bed, as tomorrow I have 1001 things to do in the office.

Oh ya,just so you know that picture above, is my Very First Own Pin Cushion sew by ME! 🙂


21 thoughts on “Inspired

  1. ira…speechless beb!!!! u’re so determine lah !!!…nanti sew kan satu pouch bag for me ahh cause i’m soooooo buta tuli lah when it comes to sewing..stakat jahit2 butang tercabut tuh jek leh harap!

  2. leen:kenapa tak pecaya?hahaha.. i knew it you’ll be the first one to be surprise.

    alfonto:u gotta be kidding me!langsir? itu a whole new class lain hehe..neways,thx a bunch for the jackson5 song! knew it i can count on ya 😉

    mom2que:boleh boleh…tunggu ya,i buy first,then we explore sama.

  3. hetz: comin up in next entry!

    nikmummy & nadia: im still learning, i doubt it i’ll sell anything anytime soon lah. thx for the encouragement!

    BB:it’s in puchong. nanti i email u.

  4. kudos ira!! lol i pun learn from my bila u dah terrer sikit, u can try the peasant blouse i sew for Avarayna and try jahit for mia ok! tunggu lah i nak make a bib for Avarayna and i will kasi tutorial just for you..wookey! skang ni, i busy betul cause sewing cloth diapers for my boy…so baju semua too put on hold first.

  5. ira… you amik kelas kat mana???? i pun nak belajar jahit… at least i can sew baju raya for my kids and for me (hubby ?? he always choose designer)…I have sewing machines already (husband punya)

    you can email me the place..thanks

  6. nanti bole la jahit baju kurung utk budak2 keciikk.. 😉 dfntely mia laa jadi model nye. hehe kan dia mmg dh jadi model bj kurung pun kan sblom ni, pas ni bole promote mummy dia nye bisnes plak..

  7. hey ira..
    so how the beading going on.
    Don’t forget to take the picture and show me eh?

    i got the pouch pattern on your blog entry tu la.
    nanti eh.. bila i buat my craft day maybe i’ll teach that pouch pattern.
    and of course you’ll be the first on my list. 🙂

    ps: dah cari kain and buat baju for Mia ke blum?

  8. yes yes..will definately take the baju pic once done..still work in progress..hehe(too slow uh?) and omgawd!u got the pattern!ok cant wait!!
    and nope..tak beli lg kain for mia.mak nye procastinate ALOT.

  9. ira, i got tutorial for you on my blog, how to make toddler dress from pillowcase, i tak jadi nak bagi bib nyer tutorial for you cause i am not making bib in the near future. sorry yer, maybe later later. so gi check out and let me know how it turned out for you!

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