photo series; mia in ipoh

series of photos taken during Mia’s recent ‘balik kampung’ trip to her grandparents’ crib in Ipoh


8 thoughts on “photo series; mia in ipoh

  1. mia’s curly hair is more obvious lah ! senang lah ira tak payah mia sibuk2 buat bodycurl hehehe..really like the last pic..she has a diff look from this angle kan..more mature mcm tuh !

  2. i love the pics! she looks more matured in these photo series, ira. your li’l beauty is growing up and i feel sooo seronok to see the changes in her. inikan pulak u as her mom! u must be so proud of her 🙂

  3. thx nadia! she was bangin damn hard on the piano..thats why so happy!

    BB ho yeah,she is growin up fast fast fast..non stop talk talk talk,non stop walk walk walk..hehe

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