My Wednesday

Busy Bee

Of late, work have been piling up (hence the sporadic updates), and it seems like it’s not gonna end anytime soon! gah! everything seem to be urgent, urgent, urgent…blablabla. And next thing I knew, March approaching.



Just like any other wednesday, the husband and i would go to our regular pasar malam after work. Nothing extraordinary, except for today. It was raining and .. we met N.Izzah, who will be running for this upcoming election. We arrived just in time as she was about’ to have a meet&greet with people coming to pasar malam. I thot I could escape myself from getting into her limelight, but.. nah-ah, just as i was konon-konon busy picking up some veges, and trying to snap her pic using my nokia, and just as i turn my back, front, and there she was, smiling away. “Dah baik ke?”, she asked. “Apa???Baik? Baik from what?”, blur me. “Oh tak, baru balik frm keje ke?”,which was what she actually asked me! adoi malu betul. now how did i misinterpret that.hahah.. “yah yah..baru blk,nak beli2 brg skit”.

On our way back to the car, we noticed another car was blocking our way! damn! Not only we were in a hurry to pick Mia up, this thing have to happen lah!This is the second time we were in this situation. First time was in bgsar. Anyhow, we have no choice but to wait for the inconsiderate driver. But luckily, not too long the car next to us moved, and our car managed to squeeze out. And no we didn’t just leave like that. Ted left a “love note” at the bozo driver’s windscreen alright, and also lil’ reminder , just so he/she better THINK MORE THAN TWICE before parking.


4 thoughts on “My Wednesday

  1. Leaving a “love note” is just being too kind. Hahaha. We did that once to one of our neighbour, a few doors away. It actually works but made an enemy in the process. Hahaha. Good for Ted!

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